Diaz family tree & History

Diaz family background shows that this is a hispanic surname. It has actually two possible origins. The very first is the Latin "dies", which means days. Diaz ancestry indicates that this lock may also derive from the Hebrew and also mean, "son of Iago" or "son of Diego", definition son of James or Jacob. That is related to the lock Diego. Diaz ancestry shows that the name is spelled through a "z" in Spanish-speaking countries, while the is spelled as Dias in Portuguese-speaking countries.

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Famous world with this name encompass actress Cameron Diaz, who gives the voice of Princess Fiona in the Shrek movies.

Diaz bear Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Jean Diaz-- --, 1935May 8,2007OK
Balbina Diaz-- --, 1902August ,1981LA
C Constanc Diaz-- --, 1925September ,1995FL
Dahlia Diaz-- --, 1918January 4,2002FL

Diaz fatality Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Diaz-- --, 1931June 10,2006Fort Worth,TX
Fabian Diaz-- --, 1939March 16,2003Fontana,CA
Gabino Diaz-- --, 1943December 29,2003Houston,TX
Hamilton Diaz-- --, 1914June ,1978New Orleans,LA

Diaz marital relationship Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alberto DiazJill RangeDecember 13,2002Wake, NC
Jose DiazJosephine CossettiJanuary 28,1966Wake, NC
Felix DiazAna Del AguilaDecember 31,2000Wake, NC
Dominico DiazApril YatesOctober 27,1986Wake, NC

Most usual Surnames after Diaz

270th: Gregory271st: Norris
272nd: Rhodes273rd: Holt
274th: Mann275th: Caldwell
276th: Warner277th: Gomez
278th: Fischer279th: Lowe

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