external Anatomy Frog Dissection: interior Anatomy

External Anatomy

1. Watch the dorsal and also ventral sides of the frog. Dorsal side shade ___________ Ventral side shade ____________

2. Research the hind legs. How countless toes are current on each foot? ______ room they webbed? _____

3. Research the forelegs. How numerous toes are present? ________Are the toes webbed? _______

4. Usage a leader to measure your from the reminder of the head to the finish of the frog"s backbone. To compare the length of your frog to various other frogs

Your Frog (cm)

Frog 2

Frog 3

Frog 4

Frog 5

Average Length

5. Find the frog"s eyes, the nictitating membrane is a clear membrane that attached come the bottom of the eye. Usage tweezers to closely remove the nictitating membrane. Friend may also remove the eyeball.

What shade is the nictitating membrane? _____________ What color is the eyeball? _________________

6. Just behind the eyes on the frog"s head is a circular structure dubbed the tympanic membrane. The tympanic membrane is provided for hearing. Measure the diameter (distance across the circle) the the tympanic membrane. Diameter that tympanic membrane = ___________cm

7. Feel the frog"s skin. Is the scaly or is the slimy? ____________

Anatomy that the Frog"s Mouth

Pry the frog"s mouth open and also use scissors to cut the angles of the frog"s jaws open. Reduced deeply so that the frog"s mouth opens wide enough to watch the structures inside.

1. Find the tongue. Play through the tongue. Go it attach to the prior or the ago of the mouth? __________ (You might remove the tongue). Draw a map out of the tongue, paying attention to that shape.

2. In the center of the mouth, towards the earlier is a solitary round opening, the esophagus. This tube leads to the stomach. Use a probe come poke right into the esophagus.

3. Close come the angles of the jaw space two openings, one on every side. These room the Eustachian tubes. They are provided to equalize press in the inner ear while the frog is swimming. Insert a probe into the Eustachian tube.

To what framework does the Eustachian tube attach? _____________________

4. Just behind the tongue, and before you with the esophagus is a slit choose opening. (You may need to use your probe to acquire it to open up up). This cleft is the glottis, and it is the opened to the lungs. The frog breathes and vocalizes with the glottis. Use your probe to open up the glottis and also compare that opening to the esophagus.

5. The frog has actually two set of teeth. The vomerine this are found on the roof the the mouth. The maxillary teeth are found about the leaf of the mouth. Both are used for hold prey, frogs swallow their meals whole and also do not chew. Run you finger end both sets of teeth and also note the differences between them.

6. ~ above the roof of the mouth, friend will discover the 2 tiny openings that the nostrils, if you put your probe into those openings, girlfriend will uncover they leave on the exterior of the frog.

7. Brand each of the frameworks underlined above.

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Urogenital System

The frog"s reproductive and also excretory system is combined into one system dubbed the urogenital system. You will need to understand the frameworks for both the male and female frog

Kidneys - flattened bean shaped organs located at the lower ago of the frog, near the spine. They are regularly a dark color. The kidneys filter wastes from the blood. Frequently the top of the kidneys have actually yellowish stringy fat body attached.

Testes - in male frogs, this organs are located at the height of the kidneys, they space pale colored and also round.

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Oviducts - females execute not have actually testes, though you may see a curly structure around the exterior of the kidney, these room the oviducts. Oviducts are where eggs space produced. Males have the right to have frameworks that watch similar, however serve no yes, really purpose. In males, castle are dubbed vestigial oviducts.

Bladder - An north sac situated at the lowest component of the body cavity. The bladder shop urine.

Cloaca - mentioned again as part of the urogenital device - urine, sperm and eggs departure here.

Label the parts of the urogenital system.

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