A lot of of people ask; how regularly do peacocks lay eggs? very first of all, peacocks room males – that peahens the lay eggs! Peahens carry out not lay eggs in their first year, ~ they reach maturity, throughout a reproduction season they lay an egg every 2-3 days on average and also around 20-30 in total.

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When do Peafowl begin Laying Eggs?

Peahens with maturity at roughly two year old. They will not lay egg within the very first 1-2 years until they room mature. Although, depending on the time that year some may start laying prior to they reach 2 years the age.

Peacocks, on the various other hand, with maturity a little later at approximately three year of age. Girlfriend will have the ability to tell as soon as a peacock is mature, as their tail feather or train will be fully developed.

There’s no mistaking once a peacock has actually a completely developed set of tail feathers!

It’s a little more an overwhelming to accurately decide the period of a woman if did you do it not elevated them yourself. They do build their train of feathers too and also by the age of two will have actually most of their tail feathers.

Breeding season commonly starts in early on spring. So, depending upon where girlfriend live and also when the weather starts transforming into spring, that’s when a peahen is most most likely to start laying.

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What Month execute Peacocks lay Eggs?

In the US, climates vary throughout the country however for most of us, spring typically starts in March.

Peahens will start laying eggs anywhere roughly March-April depending on the weather, and you should then start finding one egg every various other day in your nest.

If you leave their eggs, they will develop up a clutch the 6-8 eggs and go broody. Walk broody means they’ll start to sit on your eggs come incubate and also hatch them.

If girlfriend take your eggs every day, this will prevent a peahen from going broody and keep a steady circulation of fresh egg coming.

Peahens will continue to put eggs till the finish of summer, so approximately August time for many of us. During this breeding season, they often tend to place in cycles. Typically 4-6 weeks in ~ a time prior to taking a break for a week or so.

How plenty of Eggs go a Peahen lay in a Year?

Peahens room not prolific egg layers by any means. They just lay between March-August, and also tend to go through 2-3 reproduction cycles once they place eggs.

If you store on optimal of collecting your eggs therefore they execute not go broody and also stop, you have the right to expect somewhere in the region of 20-30 eggs in a year.

It’s really hard to accurately decide a number though. There are a many other factors to take into account that will influence how plenty of eggs castle lay, such together living conditions, dynamics in your party, and so on.

What execute Peacock eggs Look Like?

The many common species of peafowl, the Indian Blue Peafowl lays what’s dubbed ‘buff white’ color eggs. Buff-white is much more of a creme or off-white shade of white.

It’ll come as no surprise that they space visibly enlarge than other eggs we generally see, prefer chicken or duck eggs – due to the fact that peafowls are much bigger birds!

The eco-friendly Peafowl’s egg are an ext pure white in color. When the rarer that the three key species, the Congo Peafowl likewise lays buff-white eggs through brown freckles.

How much Are Peacock eggs Worth?

If you thinking about raising peafowl and selling their eggs because that profit, you have the right to make a the majority of money if you’re maybe to uncover buyers.

First that all, it counts if you’re offering eggs to be eaten or hatching eggs for details breeds. For basic Indian Blue egg to be spend (one peahen egg renders a delicious omelet) I’ve checked out prices ranging all over from $10-40.

For flower eggs, I simply took a watch while researching this article and also can view specific species like Indian Blue, black Shouldered, White, Opal, etc all walk for different prices ranging almost everywhere from $20-100+.

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They room a family-run business and stock hundreds of different varieties that poultry. Their staff are an extremely knowledgeable and constantly happy come answer any type of questions, therefore I always tell civilization to reach out and also speak come them if castle uncertain around anything.

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How lengthy Is Peacock reproduction Season?

When the breeding season starts because that peafowl will certainly differ slightly depending on the weather and also climate wherein you are.

Generally speaking, however, you can expect peafowl to be in reproduction season from approximately March come August spanning the spring and also summertime.

During this period, peahens tend to go through 2-3 reproduction cycles. This means they will lay for approximately a month, climate take a break because that 7-10 days, before starting to lay again.

I deserve to tell friend one point for sure, finding a peahen egg during the winter months is pretty much unheard of.

You’ll an alert they start laying less generally towards the end of summer together they ‘wind down’ before stopping till the complying with spring.


Now friend know, first of all, in spite of most world referring to peacocks together being the ones that lay eggs, peacocks space males and do no lay eggs.

It’s the females, i m sorry are called peahens that lay eggs.

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As for just how many and how frequently they place eggs; you have the right to expect a peahen to commonly lay around 20-30 eggs between the month of March and August.