Loretta Lynn is a nation music icon, born Loretta Webb on April 14, 1932 in Butcher Hollow, Kentucky. Named for actress Loretta Young, she had seven brothers and also sisters. She father was a charcoal miner and also farmer.

At the age of 15, she married Oliver Vanetta “Doolittle” Lynn, an military veteran and moonshiner. A year later, the pair moved to the logging ar of Custer, Washington so that he might find work.

It was right here that Lynn gave birth to the an initial of her six children. In 1953, “Doolittle” purchase Loretta her very first guitar, i m sorry she supplied to compose songs around the rocky clues in her marriage.

She soon started playing for a local radio station and forming a band v her brother to play at bars. In the 1950s, she was uncovered at a Tacoma, Washington talent competition, bring about her first record deal.

From there, the family moved cross-country come Nashville and recording her very first hit, “I’m a Honky Tonk Girl.” She play at the grand Ole Opry, becoming a member in 1962, and became the peak female nation recording artist.

Her legacy has actually only ongoing in the last fifty-plus years. However it wasn’t all highs. She shed the publishing civil liberties to her early on songs come the Wilburn Brothers after their service relationship soured. Her husband had affairs and also was a hefty drinker.

But she has had many hits, ranging from the political (“The Pill” and “Dear Uncle Sam”) to the timeless (“Coal Miner’s Daughter and “Don’t Come residence A-Drinkin’ (With Lovin’ on her Mind)”).

She has won the Presidential Medal that Freedom, 7 Academy Awards for the film based upon her life, and also 13 country Music Awards, and also three Grammys. Her many recent album to be released in 2018.

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Loretta Lynn Homeplace, Butcher Hollow, Kentucky

Butcher Hollow, Credit: chris Schieman

As she documented in the track “Coal Miner’s Daughter,” Lynn thrived up in Butcher Hollow, a tiny town in charcoal country. The modest timber cabin where the household lived now operates as a museum on her life and also career.

In surrounding Van Lear, Webb’s Grocery likewise has a little exhibit in the 100-year-old store formerly operated by her brother. The coal Miners’ Museum, also in valve Lear, to be featured in the movie “Coal Miner’s Daughter” and educates visitors on the charcoal industry.

The US 23 nation Music Highway Museum in surrounding Staffordsville honors the plenty of musicians come come indigenous Kentucky, including Lynn.

Grand Ole Opry, Nashville, Tennessee

Grand Ole Opry

The cool Ole Opry has long been a breeding ground for country music’s biggest artists. The is absolutely the case for Loretta Lynn, who very first appeared ~ above the stage in 1960, ending up being a member shortly after.

The Opry was started on November 28, 1925, as the “WSM Barn Dance,” the show gradually advanced into a program that released the careers of country and also gospel entertainers. It’s currently a Nashville icon.

Lynn is likewise an inductee into the country Music hall of Fame and her plaque is on display there. Fans can likewise visit her very first Nashville house, which freshly went up because that sale.

Book your Country Music hall of Fame and also Museum Admission and also book a tourism of the grand Ole Opry.

Loretta Lynn’s Ranch, Hurricane Mills, Tennessee

ranch" />Hurricane Mills, Credit: countryboy1949

After years in smaller sized homes approximately Nashville, she moved to Hurricane Mills come the mansion the became Loretta Lynn’s Ranch. The nation legend produced the landmark roughly the mansion she formerly lived in, i beg your pardon is now open because that tours.

Today the ranch is one of Tennessee‘s optimal attractions. Located between Nashville and also Memphis, it’s likewise home to the charcoal Miner’s Daughter Museum, inspired by her famed hit, along with a recreated western town, a replica of she childhood house in Butcher Holler, a simulated charcoal mine, and a indigenous American artifact exhibit.

Visitors can additionally enjoy outdoor recreation like fishing, swimming, and kayaking. The ranch has campsites because that RVs and also tents and cabins, together with restaurants and souvenir shops.

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Other Locations

Custer, Washington

The town in the Pacific Northwest is where Loretta Lynn live for 14 years v her husband and also ultimately whereby her job began. Superfans deserve to see her former and the venues wherein she played prior to hitting it big.

Looking for a ar to stay during your Loretta Lynn pilgrimage? Gaylord Opryland will in Nashville is convenient. Hurricane Mills offers glamping along with cabins. Ramada by Ramada through Wyndham Paintsville Hotel & Conference center is close come her residence in Kentucky.