Ojamajo Doremi is an anime television collection that follows the life and also adventures that a couple of witch apprentices. The show reveals how the key character Doremi Harukaze, stumbles throughout a mysterious magic shop wherein she meets Majo Rika and also discovers she is a actual witch. This discovery triggers a curse which changes Majo into a miracle frog. In stimulate to come to be human again, Majo must teach Doremi magic and how to end up being a witch herself. The key character Doremi defines herself as


On the job of graduation, Doremi refuses come attend school in fear of losing her friends forever. Therefore she locks her me up in the Maho-Dou. Hana endangers to use magic, and also Doremi come out simply in time prior to she mirrors everyone. In the end, after graduation, the girl send turn off Hana-chan, Majo Rika and also the fairies with Hana promising to become the Queen fast so the have the right to see each other again. Hana turns ago into a baby as soon as she enters the witch world. Doremi calls out to her and also Hana-Chan transforms around and also says, "Thank you." while the layout for the initial Ojamajo Doremi is played they present Momo-Chan and her parents in the airport if she states "See you. You are my ideal friend. I love you.(In english)" Onpu is displayed with her parents in prior of their car. Aiko is presented with she parents gaining on the train. Hazuki is displayed with Pop and (Doremi"s) parents is Doremi"s house. In the witch civilization Hana and also the other babies are shown laying ~ above Pao. Momo is shown in America mirroring Beth images of the past year v Doremi, Hana, and also the others. Onpu is displayed signing autographs for she fans. Aiko is shown carry tayoyaki to she dad, mom and also grandpa. Hazuki is shown in a keep with she mom. Her mom picks out a dress and also Hazuki claims "no" and also shows her something she likes. Doremi is presented giving a love-letter to someone.

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The girls must make the hardest decision ever: if they become full-fledged witches, they should stay in the Witch world forever. If they don"t, they can never view Hana again and never return to the Witch civilization until Hana i do not care the new queen the the Witch World.

Hazuki privately wants to apply to her dream school, however becomes conflicted over picking her desires over continuing to be with Doremi.
Aiko goes to Osaka to help take treatment of her grandfather at the hospital. She parents make the decision to take care of him at home, and as a result, decide to move earlier to Osaka.

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As Onpu is embraced into a various middle school, Momoko is offered the selection to move back to brand-new York or continue to be in Japan.