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In this activity, students play tug o" battle to endure the push-pull the forces, trying out Newtons" 3rd Law that Motion: because that every action there is one equal and opposite reaction.

Formally stated, Newton"s 3rd law is:For every action, there is one equal and also opposite reaction.

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According come Newton, whenever objects A and B communicate with each other, lock exert forces upon each other. Once you sit in her chair, your body exerts a downward pressure on the chair and also the chair exerts one upward force on your body. There space two forces resulting from this interaction - a force on the chair and also a pressure on her body. This two pressures are calledactionandreactionforces and are the topic of Newton"s third law of motion.

In this activity, the rope is the means to deliver forces. The first team to tug is the action force, causing the pull on the rope, together thereaction force, the various other teams rope end "feels" the pull. IF the 2nd team initiates a pull, this is a 2nd action force!


understand the principle of activity and reaction forces.

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Per Group:long rope (3-5m, dependent on participant numbershandkerchief (to tie in the middle)

Key Questions

when the other team pulled versus you, walk you feeling the the contrary reaction?

What to Do

break-up students right into two teams.Each team pulls as hard as they deserve to to shot to do the other team loss or traction the handkerchief over a designated line.Last team was standing wins.


What space some science-based tactics you deserve to use come make her team win?

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