The godchild/godparent partnership is really special and also can still it is in celebrated and supported throughout this time. Every little thing the pandemic situation is, there will still be points you deserve to do. Find resources right here to help.

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In the past couple of years, the Life events team has encouraged churches come celebrate the component that Godparents play in household life and also in spirituality journeys. This year, it’s much more important than ever before to attach with families and assist them celebrate the net of relationships that surround them. This could be in human being with outdoor events, or through Zoom, or, in ~ outdoor and indoor gatherings as soon as allowed. And also for the very first time, the Life events team is partnering through Messy Church to expand the reach of Godparent Sunday even more widely.

HOW TO join IN

Sunday July 11th is the nationwide Godparents’ Sunday day for 2021,but you can set yours for whatever day fits in best with your church calendar, (joining in on the national date simply way your occasion will advantage from any national project publicity too).


July is nationwide picnic month, for this reason this year, the Life occasions team is planning a food-and-fun-filled Godparent Sunday. Ideas and also resources are provided throughout this pages. Planning far ahead might still be difficult, but ideas offered here will enable for the varying level of social contact that might or may not be allowed by then. You can take this ideas and also apply them in line with federal government guidance, and also your own risk assessment, as soon as the time comes.

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How will it it is in different?

This year there are totally free resources for downloading in addition to a few paid-for published resources.There will be a range of handy ideas and also suggestions native which you can cherry-pick follow to the situation.Ideas and also resources will not it is in given all at once but added over time, therefore please store checking back here.Prayers can be constructed into any service online or in person, so take it a look at the ‘Just Pray’ ideas below and also we’ll carry you more suggestions in the comes weeks.