“I can’t think it!!!! You’re whatever I’ve always wanted,” claimed Sheard on social media, captioning a photograph of herself beside her fiancé, Jordan Kelly, flashing a beautiful diamond sparkler in respect of she engagement.

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Jordan Kelly proposes come gospel singer Kierra Sheard in Detroit, MI on on her 33rd date of birth (Photo Credit: Kierra Sheard Instagram)

The Detroit-based actress — who recently starred in the hit movie The Clark Sisters: The very first Ladies that Gospel on Lifetime and released a No. 1 self-titled album — has currently had a significant year. Now, she is looking front to starting an exciting brand-new chapter.

Celebrities choose Kirk and also Tammy Franklin, man P. Kee, David and Tamela Mann, Missy Elliott, Adrienne Bailon, and Loni Love submarine the star’s social media through congratulatory messages, share in her joy.

I can’t wait to do life v you! give thanks to you for selecting me! You’re an answer to mine prayers. The man in mine dream is currently my reality,” Sheard posted, gushing over finding true happiness and ending a toxic cycle of poor relationships and also heartbreak.

In a ahead interview, Sheard admitted, “As a Christian solitary woman dating, I"ve been hurt and also not way on my date journey.”

She also previously confessed to gift attracted to “hood dudes” v “an edge” that were the dorn fit because that her. But now, that’s every in the past, and the eleven60 fashion designer is letting the world know the her future husband is God-sent and nothing quick of amazing.

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Addressing Kelly directly in her online post, Sheard wrote, “God has actually His method of law things, and also through you, He’s presented me the if ns trust Him, all will be well, and OH mine GOD — every IS WELL!”

Quoting Dr. Seuss, Sheard wrote, “You understand you"re in love as soon as you can"t fall asleep due to the fact that reality is finally better than your dreams,” and added, “I gain it now. Every day i look front to you! i love you.”

Last month, Sheard uploaded a YouTube video featuring Kelly but kept an emoji over his face due to the fact that she stated he to be unable to acquire a haircut due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the interim shuddering barbers shops, “and he want to look at right.”

But in her digital engagement announcement, she proudly placed the love of her life ~ above display and also posted the picture of the moment he dropped down on one knee in the front yard and popped the question.