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Aviculturists and bird owner have constantly been fascinated by brightly colored birds. This has informed the recent popularity that the conure. These room members of the parrot types with long slender bodies and long spicy tails.


Conure colors range from excellent oranges, reds, and yellows come lush greens. The smallest among the conure types is the green-cheeked conure through a body size of around eight inches, while the largest is the Patagonian conure through a size of 18-20 inches.

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Their little sizes, trusted nature, intelligence, and easy care make conures perfect pets.

Conures will usually live for two decades in the wild but can live as much as thirty years v optimal treatment in captivity. Friend can, however, breed her conure to guarantee the continuity of its species.

Since the bird live in open savannas, forests, palm groves, and seasonally submarine shrubs, there is scanty information on their reproduction in the wild.

Even so, reproduction in bondage is fairly easy provided you know what to expect. Like most birds, conures will certainly lay eggs that hatch later on to obtain young ones. You should note the female conures carry out not obtain “pregnant”, however rather put fertilized or unfertilized eggs that are incubated climate hatch.

Conure Egg-Laying Behavior

Few job after mating, the female conure will get into the nest, in ready for laying their eggs. She will certainly lay in between 3-5 eggs at a time. After every the eggs space laid, the woman conure will begin incubating the egg for around 23-27 days.

A pregnant female conure will have actually a big, rounded belly. Before laying that is eggs, the female conure will certainly start losing feathers about its belly till the skin is visible. The puffy cloaca is likewise a sign, that the conure is ready to place eggs.

When carry out Conures Lay your Eggs?

You can come across an egg in her female conure’s cage rather unexpectedly, also when over there is no male in sight. It is normal for mrs conures come lay eggs whether or not there is a male listed it is the breeding season.

The egg, in this instance, is not necessarily fertilized definition that the does not contain a baby bird. Together lighting patterns and also weather start an altering to herald the reproduction season, a mrs conure’s endocrine system signals the it is time to release an egg.

Though the egg will be released and also laid, it will not be fertilized if no mating has actually taken place.

Thankfully, conures will certainly exhibit several indicators to suggest that lock are prepared for mating. The indications are mostly a an outcome of hormone changes. For example, a conure that was at first mild-mannered and also meek could start exhilaration out when ready for mating.

This should be the no concern since the bird will certainly revert come its normal habits after breeding. Some of the indicators that her conure is ready for adjustment include:

Biting much more than normalBecoming territorialScreamingPlucking at the feathers much more so in female conuresDisplaying indicators of affection choose tail wagging and wing flapping

During mating, the ovum attached to the egg yolk in the woman conure will certainly be sucked right into the oviduct then fertilized. The ovum will then travel with a tube into the magnum where the egg white is produced.

The resultant product climate travels into the uterus for the creation of an eggshell. In general, this procedure takes twenty hours. Therefore, after ~ mating, it will certainly take 20-24 hrs for your conure come lay a fertilized egg.

What is the Incubation period of Conure Eggs?

During incubation, the embryo in a conure’s egg establishes into a infant conure under the right conditions and also temperature. In the wild, conures will incubate their eggs, yet in captivity, part breeders opt to use incubators to insurance the problems are optimal.

In man-made incubation, the egg are preserved at temperature of 95-100 levels Fahrenheit and also humidity level of 30-50%. The eggs are also turned about 4-8 times daily. The yolk in the egg will carry out all the nutrients for the chick during incubation when the egg white protects the chick and helps it grow.

The woman conure will certainly incubate the egg for 23-27 days. Despite males rarely incubate eggs, lock sometimes deserve to sit ~ above them for a few days.

How many Eggs do Conures Lay at Once?

Conures deserve to lay 3-5 eggs in one clutch, occasionally more. Female conures will start laying in simply one or two days after mating. She will lay every the eggs in one day and also will just start incubating lock after she laid every the eggs.

Before laying, the female will certainly start losing some feathers. The plucking the feathers around the ship is various from the self-mutilating actions that many conure owners mistake that for because it stops after egg-laying, unequal the latter.

However, no all eggs in a clutch will certainly hatch after they are laid. Part conures abandon your eggs and also will not incubate them while others rest them. Egg abandoning is typical in hand-raised birds. That has additionally been observed in conures that room uncomfortable gift in their cages and resort come guarding their swarm boxes.

You deserve to remove the laid egg from the cages in both instances and also incubate lock in an man-made incubator. The best diet for breeding can minimization the risk of egg breaking in your conure.

How plenty of Times a Year do Conures lay Eggs?

Though conures can have lot of clutches in one reproduction season, this is no advisable since it boosts the risk of health comes to in your birds. Aim because that a best of three clutches for her conure annually.

You deserve to discourage the laying that a most clutches by removed the colony box after gaining the maximum number of eggs in a clutch or remove the masculine conure.

The finest time for your conure to start laying egg is not much less than a year ~ molting, nesting behaviors, and also adult plumage. This are indicators that her bird is mentally and physically all set for egg-laying.

To encourage laying, have actually a large sturdy nest box for the bird, allow the mrs conure bond with a male, feed the mrs on plenty of soft foods, and let her female conure have actually maximum daylight hours.

Include a most hemp seed, calcium, nuts, and seeds in the female conure’s diet throughout egg-laying. These foods items ease the egg-laying process much more so if it is the bird’s first time.

How to Tell if a Conure’s Eggs are Fertilized?

You could have taken all the appropriate steps during mating yet are no so certain if the eggs laid by her conure space fertilized. The ideal an option for friend to recognize whether or no the eggs space fertilized is through the “candle test”.

This requires gently holding increase the egg in question to a candle. If friend see v the egg, this indicates that it is not fertilized. However, if the egg is opaque, it probably is fertilized, and under the right conditions will hatch.

The candle test can be done on days 4, 10, and also 17 the the incubation process. During these times, inspect for indicators of embryo advancement such as spider-like veins and also a dark point out in the middle of the egg.

You can additionally use the floating test. In it, you will certainly take the egg the end of its nest or incubator a few days after that is laid. If you take it it out of the colony when it is too early, it have the right to stunt the advance of the embryo.

Place the egg in warmth water. Unfertilized eggs will frequently float because there is not sufficient volume in them to sink.

Wrapping Up

The egg laid by your conure will certainly hatch after 23-28 job of incubation. When hatched the young conures will stay in your parents’ cages because that 7-8 mainly then leaving at 9-10 main old.

Conures achieve their sexual maturity in ~ 1-2 years, however they might not be physically and also mentally prepared for egg-laying in ~ this point.

The information above has hopefully assisted you understand what to expect when a conure lays eggs and also can now efficiently breed her bird. Girlfriend can also cross-breed a conure though this calls for tact to get a healthy offspring.

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The most common conure crossbreeds are Sunday conures that are crossbreeds of the sun and also jenday conures.