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What execute I must Know around Classification? (Chapter 17 Honors)MULTIPLE CHOICE: Circle every that room true. There might be much more THAN one correct answer. *Correct Answer(s) 1. The science that specializes in naming and classifying organisms is ______________________. A. Anatomy B. Biological C. Botany *D. Taxonomy 2.Solely from its surname you deserve to tell Rhizopus nigricans need to be ______________________. *A. In the genus Rhizopus B. In the genus nigricans *C. In the types nigricans D. In the types Rizopus E. An pet 3.A advantageous classification system __________________________. *A. Gives each biology a distinct name B. Shows evolutionary relationship C. Uses various scientific names because that the same organism *D. Changes the taxon that an organism based on brand-new data 4.In classifying organisms, ORDERS space grouped together into _________________. A. Genera B. Phyla C. Family members *D. Classes 5.The largest and most inclusive the Linnaeus’s taxonomic categories is the _________________. A. Order *B. Kingdom C. Phylum D. Types 6.According the modern-day taxonomy, the higher the level that the taxon, the ____________________ in time is the usual ancestor of all the organisms in the taxon. *A. Further earlier B. More recent 7.The research of the evolutionary relationships among organisms is referred to as ___________________. A. Taxonomy B. Domainology *C. Phylogeny D. Binomial nomenclature 8. This diagram which mirrors the evolutionary relationships amongst a group of biology is referred to as a ________. A. Taxon *B. Cladogram C. Binomial nomenclature D. Domain 9. A unique trait that is used to build a cladogram showing evolutionary relationships between organisms is referred to as a ___________________ A. Taxa B. Molecular clocks *C. Shared, obtained character D. Domains 10. I beg your pardon of the complying with tells how to compose a clinical name? *A. The genus surname is always capitalized. B. The varieties name is constantly capitalized. C. The genus name is no capitalized. *D. The types name is not capitalized. *E. Both names room written in italics or underlined. 11. Organisms that can make their own food making use of chemosynthesis or photosynthesis are referred to as ___________. A. Heterotrophic *B. Autotrophic 12. Organisms whose cells have a nucleus and organelles surrounded by membrane are referred to as ____________. *A. Standard scale B. Prokaryotes 13.Which category is bigger and more inclusive 보다 a KINGDOM? A. Genus B. Course C. Phyla *D. Domain 14.The Three-Domain system divides organisms into groups based on similarities in their _______________. A. Taxons B. DNA *C. Ribosom RNA D. Derived characters 15.Which that the original 5 kingdoms was divided in 2 to make the Eubacteria and also Archaebacteria teams used today? A. Protista *B. Monera C. Eukarya D. Mushroom E. Plantae 16.Thermophiles space organisms that deserve to live in __________________ environments. A. High salt *B. High temperature C. High oxygen 17.Which domain includes organisms from much more than one kingdom? A. Prokarya B. Archea *C. Eukarya18. Use the rules above to properly write the clinical name for people ____Homo sapien______ 19. I m sorry language is offered today once determining scientific names because that newly found species? Latin 20. Tell a “silly phrase” to assist you psychic Linnaeus’s pecking order in order:King Phillip come Over for green Soup ______________ 21. Surname THE 7 TAXONOMIC levels IN LINNAEUS’S group SYSTEM IN order FROM largest TO SMALLEST:Kingdom Phylum course Order family Genus Species22. Surname THE THREE domain names in the THREE-DOMAIN SYSTEM: Bacteria Eukarya Archaea23. Name the 6 KINGDOMS used to share organisms: Plantae,Animalia,Eubacteria, Archaebacteria, Protista, fungi ***************MATCH each KINGDOM below WITH that is DOMAIN: BACTERIAARCHAEAEUKARYA24._______E_____________ PROTISTA25.__________A__________ ARCHAEBACTERIA26.________B____________ EUBACTERIA27.__________E__________ PLANTAE28.________E____________ FUNGI29.____________E________ ANIMALIA***************You have actually just uncovered a new organism the can’t do its very own food, has a nucleus, and also has CHITIN in its cabinet wall. Tell the KINGDOM and DOMAIN friend would place this organism in. 30. KINGDOM ___Fungi_________DOMAIN ______Eukarya________31.Tell exactly how cell wall surfaces of part protists are favor the cell walls of plants. Save cellulose_______________________________________________32.Tell how the cell wall surfaces of Archaebacteria and Eubacteria room different. Archaebacteria ____no peptidoglycan, unexplained lipids______________________________ Eubacteria ______contain peptidioglycan____________________________________________ 33. Phone call one way plants differ from animals. Plants ________autotrophic_______________________________________ animals _______________heterotrophic____________________________________________MATCHING: complement the summary of organisms v its KINGDOM: 34.___E_ eukaryotic heterotrophs whose cell wall surfaces contain chitinA. EUBACTERIA B. ARCHAEBACTERIA C. PROTISTA D. PLANTAE E. Fungi F. ANIMALIA35.___A__ Prokaryotes who cell walls contain peptidoglycan 36.__D___ multicellular autotrophs v chloroplasts who cell walls contain cellulose 37.__F___ Prokaryotes whose cell walls lack peptidoglycan 38.__F___ Heterotrophic multicell eukaryotes there is no cell wall surfaces or chloroplastic 39.___C__ Unicellular, colonial, or multicellular eukaryotes that present the widest variety of qualities **************40.

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Top top the line listed below the picture, label each organism through the KINGDOM and DOMAIN to which the belongs. A.B.C.* KINGDOM __Eubacteria_____ KINGDOM _______Protista______ KINGDOM ________Plantae______ DOMAIN ______Bacteria_______ DOMAIN _____Eukarya_______ DOMAIN ______Eukarya________D.E.KINGDOM ______Fungi _____ DOMAIN ____Eukarya________F.KINGDOM ___Animalia_______KINGDOM ___Archaebacteria_______DOMAIN _____Eukarya______ DOMAIN _____Archaea_______