Whether you’re a teenager or well into your 40s, when a male says that misses you, it feels like you’ve won the lottery.

It might be an ex you’re not over, your crush, or the guy you’re dating. Nonetheless, remember that some men say it routinely to get company when they’re bored or looking for a hookup!

So, this must only be interesting news if you room sure as soon as a man says that misses you, he’s speak it because that the right reasons.

So how can you phone call he’s real when a guy says the misses you?

It’s one point being told by the man you love that he misses you.

But you need to keep your guard increase to defend your love from insincere guys who to speak this once they don’t typical it.

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1. He keeps the conversation going


When a man says that misses friend and means it, he’ll make an effort to interact with you.

This method coming up with things to talk about to save the conversation going.

If he’s not really absent you, the conversation will certainly feel forced.

From the way a guy texts you or also talks come you over the phone, you can number out whether he’s sincere as soon as he states he misses friend or only making contact because he desires something indigenous you.

To identify his intentions, try ignoring his texts for a few hours to gain a reaction.

The time he takes to text you ago and his replies will offer you the ideas you require to number out if he’s genuine.

A guy who doesn’t really miss you won’t bother texting earlier if you have actually ignored his texts for part time.

Your silence will be taken as a an adverse answer.

But if the sends an additional text or phone call worried due to the fact that you didn’t answer, it shows that his feelings room sincere.

Some tiny talk end the phone or a quick texting conference won’t fulfill a male who yes, really misses you, that’s why he’ll execute his finest to keep the conversation going.

Just watch for indicators he misses you and act accordingly.

2. He interacts with you on social media


Social media is the go-to for most world when it involves keeping contact with friend or showing affection to those castle treasure.

A guy who genuinely misses friend will keep liking and also commenting on your photos and also checking your statuses.

Even if he can’t answer to your posts, you’ll see him complying with your social media activity.

Everyone does this when they miss out on someone, so as soon as a guy says he misses you, it’s no different.

If he’s into you, he’ll be interested in discovering who you’re seeing and also what you’re increase to.

Nobody bothers to save up v the progression of people they don’t care about.

That said, it is in wary the stalkers who are just interested in checking your progression on social media because that malicious agendas or to gauge whether you room doing far better than them.

3. He always talks about you


If you have actually mutual friends and also they tell you that he’s to be talking around you, climate take it as a authorize that the does miss out on you.

It’s person nature to talk about those who we treasure and love because they are constantly on our minds.

If that can’t assist but talk around you also when girlfriend aren’t around, he’s lacking you. Talking around loved ones provides it feel favor they’re with us.

He’ll it is in talking about you also to strangers since he wants people to recognize he’s crazy about you.

When a guy says he misses you and also he’s genuine, to trust me that he’s thinking around you all the time and that’s why the can’t avoid talking about you.

4. He asks for her pictures


If that asks because that pics that you, he yes, really does miss out on you.

Just be careful, though, since as lot as it could be innocent, the could likewise be a cheeky or dirty move.

If it’s innocent, he just wants to have the ability to look in ~ your confront all the time, even if it’s just virtually.

Seeing the challenge of someone you love or treasure provides you happy and it will be the instance if a man misses you.

So, if you’ve figured out he doesn’t have any type of other ulterior motives as well as seeing friend every time he checks his phone, then walk ahead and send that a selfie.

5. He request to invest time v you


A guy who genuinely misses you will want to spend time through you, also if briefly.

You deserve to tell he’s sincere about it if after conference up, he talks about the next time he’ll see you.

If this is the case, it way that he’s into you and looking for more of you, particularly if it’s just been the first date.

Someone who is serious around having friend in his life will certainly make an initiative in planning the next meet-up.

He’ll also make sure he picks a time once both of you don’t have other commitments.

So, be patient and also smart, and wait to check out whether he yes, really misses friend or you’re just another piece that entertainment to cure his boredom.

6. He shows some jealousy

Someone that misses you will present some jealousy, but it need to not it is in the own kind.

Guys like noting their territories and also showing everyone the you’re together.

It’s an effort to reduce competition by letting others understand you space taken and they shouldn’t come in between the 2 of you.

When a guy says that misses you, he desires a possibility to make it work.

The point is, jealousy have the right to be stroked nerves – specifically if you are trying to store things ~ above the low.

As lengthy as that doesn’t feeling suffocating and is within common limits, you deserve to let the be.

But, it’s time to draw the line if that starts becoming too controlling due to the fact that he doesn’t to trust you.

Some males are therefore insecure that they create scenarios in your heads the you’ll meet someone new and leaving them.

That’s why some cases might be blown the end of proportion.

No matter exactly how in love he says he is, don’t let him restrict girlfriend or plunder you of your freedom.

That’s not love. Someone who does that has serious problems.

7. His friends call you just how crazy he is around you

His friends understand him far better than anyone else, so think them once they offer you ideas that he’s truly into you.

This is usual in case the 2 of you were dating then broke up.

He may not come out and tell you that he’s not over you, yet trust the clues you acquire from his friends the he’s no over you and that he misses you.

If his friends tell friend he still talks about you and also the an excellent times girlfriend had, then it reflects he misses you.

He may even be questioning them about your love life and for date advice come make sure he doesn’t screw up again.

A male who’s accepted his part of the blame when it pertains to a breakup, and also isn’t forcing you to get ago with him, need to be taken into consideration for a 2nd chance.

But first, make sure it’s what you want.

When a man says he misses you, that doesn’t typical you room obligated to offer him a 2nd chance. Perform so if you room interested.

8. He suggests a video clip call

Technology has actually made it possible to video-call human being from almost everywhere the world.

And with the strong internet connection options available, it’s almost like the other person is right beside you.

Talking over the call is an excellent when you’re missing someone, but video clip calls take it it increase a notch.

You are able to see the other person’s face expressions, which provides it feel like you’re talking face-to-face.

So, if he desires to FaceTime girlfriend or uses other video call apps to chat to you, you can be sure that the misses friend a lot.

It’s not simply your voice he wants to hear once a man says that misses you, but likewise to view your face and also aura as you record up.

Also, take note of compliments the gives during the video clip sessions or his attempts to flirt.

If this is the case, girlfriend don’t need much more hints to know that the young is head over heels because that you.

9. He’s always drunk-dialing you

Drunk-dials aren’t always around booty calls. The girl a male calls as soon as he’s drunk is the one he’s into.

Guys frequently get drunk to forget the things bothering them but when they come to be tipsy, the feel come tumbling out.

That’s the hour of reality when he can’t hold back any longer.

Being drunk additionally gives a male the to trust to speak to to phone call you every the points he’ll be too embarrassed come admit when sober.

But this only holds if he’s calling come apologize for not treating you right and to to speak he misses you and also still loves you.

If the is drunk dialing you to come over, then you should block his number and also forget you ever before knew him.

What to say as soon as a male says he misses you?

You recognize that friend that was an ext than a friend and also you grew apart, or the ex you’re quiet in love with?

Yeah, the one who simply crossed her mind? What would certainly you say if he dubbed or texted to say that misses you?

What if that is an ex you vowed to never go earlier to?

How girlfriend respond to a guy when he claims he misses you comes down to whether you room interested or not.

If he claims he misses you first and you’d choose to seek a partnership with him, make it clear in your response.

But closeup of the door down additional romantic talks or even the possibility of a reconnection if you’re not interested in the guy, in spite of him informing you the misses you all the time.

If girlfriend are searching for tips ~ above what come say once a male says that misses you, deep down you currently know what you really want.

You simply need the courage come act and not keep typing, “he says he misses me, what have to I do?” top top your find bar. You’ll keep gaining the same results!

How to respond once a man says the misses you – and you miss him back?

1. I miss out on you too

When a male says he misses you very first and you miss him back, you must let the know.

Don’t get recorded up with the bliss the “he states he misses me” and forget to send a reply if you are without doubt interested.

“I miss you too” is likewise a an excellent response if you’re considering dating the guy and you want to check the waters.

In the initial step of getting to know each other, ensure you are expressing your feelings.

Sure, text massage your girlfriends “he says he misses me!” does feel great, but remember to message the man as well.

He requirements to know how you feel about him so that he doesn’t garbage time or keep bothering you once you’d like to it is in left alone.

Expressing her feelings once a male says that misses friend all the moment also permits for honest and also open communication.

This is essential for any kind of budding relationship since it is the foundation on i m sorry the partnership will it is in built.

2. Be coy

It’s not constantly recommended, yet if you space sure what the man wants, you have to play along. It provides things interesting.

If the guy has actually known you because that a while and understands your personality, that may also be anticipating this response.

First that all, as soon as you ask that why that misses you, it will pressure him to be creative in responding.

No matter what his answer is, cut him some slack since he go the extra mile come come up v sweet things to define why that misses you.

So, be nice in her response.

3. Suggest a meetup

No one is immune come rejection. As soon as a man says that misses friend first, he’s placing himself out there and it have the right to be nerve-racking because that shy people.

Saying the misses you could be his method of testing to see whether the is for sure for the to suggest something more or not.

You can likewise make things much easier for him and suggest a meetup.

Gone space the days once ladies simply sat and also waited to it is in wooed while being stubborn and also unreasonable.

Men and women are now both do the first move.

If friend really desire to check out him, invite him over and take things from there.

Otherwise, those “he states he misses me” texts you’ve been sending out to her girlfriends might quickly turn into “why did he shed interest?”

4. Get flirty

You might not be beside him, yet it doesn’t typical you can’t make things interesting. If you can’t be with each other at the moment, use that time to gain flirty.

In an imaginary situation, noþeles is possible.

It likewise forces both of you to acquire creative. You might surprise yourselves and also when you lastly do meet up, it’ll be also better.

Also, flirting build anticipation for when you see each other. So, don’t it is in uptight because that partnership will lose its fire even before it starts.

5. If you can’t accomplish up, let that know

When a guy says that misses talk to you and you feeling the same way, connect that.

But there will certainly be time you may not be able to meet that as quickly as girlfriend would have wished.

Don’t just ghost him or go mute till you have an opening in her schedule.

You need to describe to him why girlfriend can’t meet up and give him a turbulent idea of when you’ll it is in available.

When a guy says that misses talk to you, take it actions that show you miss talking to him too.

Unrequited love hurts and no matter how much the guy is right into you, it will reach a point where he’ll get tired.

When you don’t provide an explanation, you’ll leaving him guessing and also this can carry paranoia.

Not many guys will opt to keep pursuing you, specifically if there’s a strong possibility of eventually getting rejected.

If this isn’t the impression you want the man to have, it is in clear around what you want.

Also, don’t simply say girlfriend aren’t obtainable and leave it at that. Monitor up v a ide for rescheduling in ~ a time as soon as both of you space free.

How to respond once a man says that misses you – but you don’t feeling the very same way?

1. Give the a opportunity to explain himself

If what occurred was irreconcilable or if you are simply not interested, climate cutting ties is a good move.

But if every hope is no lost, provide the man a possibility to explain.

It might be that you’re angry around what the did.

Giving a response, even if that is an angry one, keeps the interaction lines open up for the to describe himself.

Getting closure or the long-awaited apology, also if friend don’t arrangement on getting ago with him, does provide you peace.

When you have closure, it’s less complicated to move on because you won’t it is in held earlier by what could’ve been.

Nevertheless, some men are not sincere and will give a lame pardon or also downplay what castle did.

This is her cue come sever ties through such a person and move on.

You are better off there is no someone who deserve to never take obligation for the mess he creates.

2. I miss out on you but…

If friend still miss out on him despite the past that’s weighing heavily against the opportunity of a reunion, it’s okay to admit that come him.

This is usually taken together a authorize that there is hope because that reconciliation and the guy can work tough to gain you back.

But some males are manipulative and also never change, no matter how countless chances you provide or how difficult you shot to make them see what they’ve done wrong.

Even if you still have actually feelings because that him, going ago to a manipulative guy is no various from handing that a invited gun, knowing very well he’ll usage it ~ above you.

In the case, accept that you miss him and you’ll most likely be in love v him because that a lengthy time, yet do the ideal thing by you and stay away from him.

No issue how difficult it is, execute your best and also get strength from the truth that your life is happier and much more peaceful without him.

3. Block him

If the breakup happened as result of irreconcilable differences, you shouldn’t be leaving any kind of room because that communication.

Remember the no contact rule and also live by it.

Ignore the man if friend genuinely don’t care around him or how he feels about you.

If you’ve make it clear you’re not interested in him and there’s no opportunity of that an altering in the future, and he tho imposes his feel on you, go ahead and also obliterate his presence from your life.

You’ll feel lighter afterward and you can move top top to much better things.

It’s much less complicated to carry out that now, also in a civilization so connected. Overlook him, unfriend that from all social media sites, and also block his number.

Avoid areas you might bump into him if friend live in the same area. Soon, he’ll be a distant memory and also you’ll be structure a more joy life without him.

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When a male says that misses you, it might come indigenous a place of malice or that love.

You need to learn the indications he misses you v no strings attached.

If you room alert, you’ll identify a male who has actually ulterior motives as soon as you obtain that an initial “I miss you” text or call.

Knowledge is power and in this case, that will safeguard you from having actually your heart broken again, or fairly brushing off a potentially great partner because you lack discernment.