Guest ms. Rachellica

i carry out that yet then again i have a propensity to put my hand in pockets in general.

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Guest Daix2

haha i think it"s cute as well (: mine bf puts his hands in my back pocket all the time. I barely perform it to him though. For some reason, ns usually uncover myself stop on to the point where you put you belt v XD

Guest insanelyCRAZY

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Guest &love?

well, as soon as my ex and I would organize hands,

he placed our hand in his hoodie pocket

because it was pretty cold that day. Lol

Guest eximius

I only put my hands in his pockets once my hands room cold or when I just feel like "clinging" to him somehow yet too lazy to host hands?

Wasn"t "omg cute" or anything like that. I just made decision to put my hand in his pockets... He didn"t mental (or care, whichever).

And guys" trousers pockets = bigger 보다 girl"s pants pockets... I find it uncomfortable to stick my hands in my pockets, I"m certain my friend would discover it uncomfortable too.

It"s it s okay to check out couples doing that as lengthy as they"re not... Grabbing.

Guest andersennavy

hm never ever tried that

i average my gf n i ... Us r tight and all

but honestly

the way i think about it

that would certainly make walking together super hard

n plus girls trousers r so tight

i dont think i can put mine hand in w/out struggling XD

Guest edie monster

That"s yes, really REALLY gay.


I didn"t really even like holding hands through my exes.


pan Level: 30Friends of

^ what the heck. Not also holding hands? haha

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Guest Inspector

I placed MY hand in her back pockets sometimes. Walking favor that is type of hard... So ns don"t do that ever walking. It would look type of monster anyways.

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Guest inamorata.

I put my hand in my bf"s pockets when it"s cold. Hahaha. He does it to me sometimes, however he likes the entirety arm approximately the shoulder thing much more (which ns hate).

Guest edie monster

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Guest vvn

I put my hand in his pocket once we"re walking sometimes. He has a nice, huge firm target so I choose to put my hand there. Hahahaha. He doesn"t execute that so much for me... Probably since as someone mentioned above, girl blue jeans are much tighter, and also it would certainly be uncomfortable to walk if we both had our hands in every others" pockets. Haha

Guest PhuongNguyen

No offense yet I just think it"s sort of inappropriate. Come me, it"s top top the very same line together making the end in public. The many I ever before did through my friend in publicly is hug him; however even the is very rare. I simply think the those intimate things should be excellent privately. I"m not enforcing my id of anyone else; simply stating why ns don"t do it.

Guest Kira_Hyuu

. . Why not just host hands. . . And also if u really want to touch the other in areas well then just obtain a room...

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Guest Flicksityy

I reckon it"s yes, really cute!

It shows how comfortable te couple really is with each other (L)


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