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Answer: Professor Snape Professor Dumbledore grants permission come Lockhart to teach the students just how to defend themselves, after the is revealed the the room of Secrets has actually been opened.
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Answer: Draco Malfoy as soon as Draco announced that his father had actually bought the entirety Slytherin Quidditch Team brand-new brooms (Nimbus 2001"s), that nastily reminded Ron that the Malfoys were considerably an ext wealthy 보다 the Weasleys. Hermione remarked the at least no one top top the Gryffindor team had actually to to buy their means on, however were liked for skill. This struck quite close to the bone therefore Malfoy take it a shot in ~ Hermione.
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78 end up this quote by Gilderoy Lockhart: "Laugh if girlfriend will, Mr. ____, but pixies have the right to be devilishly tricky tiny blighters."

Answer: Finnigan It"s really funny the means Seamus Finnigan laughs together Lockhart says this; the snorts like a pig!
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Answer: Crabbe In the book, Ron and also Harry turn right into Crabbe and also Goyle, in both voices and also looks. In the movie, they just turned into Crabbe and Goyle physically. They had to change their voices come sound like Crabbe and also Goyle.
Answer: Slytherin Gryffindor didn"t do an extremely well in the enhance at the start, but soon after, Harry caught the gold Snitch.
81 Harry"s scar go in which direction (from the perspective of the viewer) beginning at the peak of the scar?

Answer: down, left, down
I saw this in a snapshot also for this reason it could have been difficult for you come remember!
84 in ~ the end, what is the name of the publication they show, which has a photo of Lockhart on the cover?

Answer: Dobby Harry"s arm broke, however Professor Lockhart casted a spell the removed all of Harry"s bones, and had to it is in regrown with Skele-Gro. Dobby also prevented Harry and Ron indigenous entering communication 9 3/4, and also withheld his friends" letters from Harry, and caused a cake to fall on Mrs. Mason, every to shot to avoid Harry from returning to Hogwarts. Harry gets Dobby come promise never ever to try to conserve his life again.
Answer: She looked the Basilisk in the eye. Myrtle to be hiding in the bathroom because she was being teased. Tom Riddle had actually opened increase the Chamber and also released the Basilisk. That certain bathroom was the place of the enntrance gate to the chamber. (Oddly enough, Hermione had actually a similar experience in the very first book -- she"s hiding in a bathroom, crying, and also a troll start and nearly kills her. I think Myrtle would have been happy because that the company!)
Answer: Glasses harry met up through Hermione near the beginning of this movie and they both to be glad to view each other again. Hermione asked Harry what he did through his glasses due to the fact that she noticed they were broken. Before Harry could answer, Hermione merely fixed castle by using magic.
88 Professor Lockhart, the new Defense versus the Dark art teacher, is complete of himself! What vibrant shade are the robes he wears top top the an initial day that school?

Answer: yellow that walks right into the class wearing golden robes. He points out to the course that he has actually won countless awards. He also has plenty of pictures of self on the walls.
Answer: Zero Professor Dumbledore made the notice in the good Hall that, due to the circumstances, all final exams would be cancelled. This news however, did not go end well v Hermione.
Answer: Everte Statum on the counting of two, rather of three, Malfoy supplies this spell and also sends take care of soaring into the air.Expelliarmus to be the order Professor Snape supplied on Professor Lockhart.Rictusempra was the order Harry supplied on Malfoy when he got back up.Serpensortia is the second spell Malfoy uses against Harry. It produced the snake.
Answer: Gilderoy Lockhart Harry had to offer a detention v Lockhart because that crashing right into the Whomping Willow. Lockhart provided Harry this sage item of advice, when they to be answering Lockhart"s pan mail, due to the fact that he assumed the Harry sought fame and also recognition the means that he did.
93 one of the Weasley twins claimed that they will certainly win the match against Hufflepuff, what to be the factor given?

Answer: Hufflepuff is dead scared the Harry will certainly petrify lock if lock fly close to him Oliver claims the various other lines while he"s providing his team a pep talk before going the end to the field. He states "We play ours game, Hufflepuff doesn"t stand a chance. We"re stronger, quicker, and also smarter." and also one of the Weasley twins interjects, "Not to mention, they"re dead scared the Harry will petrify lock if they fly near him," and Oliver replies, "Well, the too."
Answer: mrs Norris Colin Creevey was assaulted by looking in ~ the Basilisk v the lens of the camera.
Answer: yellow It has actually bright yellow eyes the are difficult to view as Hedwig is largely seen flying around or in the cage.

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97 What space the color of the robes that i wore as soon as I witnessed the message that said "Her skeleton will lie in the room forever"?

Answer: Tom Riddle bother Potter and Tom Riddle both deserve to speak Parseltongue, are determined, smart and have a ignore for college rules. What set Harry Potter apart from Tom Riddle is the choices that that makes. Together Dumbledore said, "It is not the capability that reflects our character, it"s the selections we make."
Answer: harry Potter that keeps being found in the wrong ar at the dorn time. And they discover he have the right to speak Parseltongue (snake language).