What space the rules when two friends choose the very same girl? and also how carry out you action if the girl you choose likes your friend?

Some elevator information: I have actually two colleagues (let's speak to them Jason and also Andrew) who space quite great friends. Us all started hanging out in at an early stage June along with other people. I really, really like Jason and also had the impression the he could be interested too. While i really prefer Andrew as a friend, ns am absolutely no interested in him romantically.

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At very first we constantly hung the end in groups. Then at some point Andrew asked me if I wanted to capture a movie/have dinner. Ns made it really clear the I'd love to hang out together friends yet I am no interested in him romantically. He assured me that just being friends to be fine and also we have since then greatly hung the end in groups (without Jason, even though he was invited many of the time). All together, there were four group outings with Jason, 3 without him and twice that was just Andrew and also me.

Now, Jason has end up being kind of far-off - I have the emotion he's staying clear of me. This started prior to Andrew and also I first hung the end without him. I'm perplexed - i don't recognize if he shed interest, if he was never interested in the very first place, if he's backing off because he noticed that I favor him, or since he thinks I choose Andrew.

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tl;dr 2 friends, the dorn one likes me, not sure if the various other one isn't interested (anymore) or if the one who likes me is maintaining us apart

So...my questions:

What space the rules as soon as two friends prefer the very same girl? deserve to one basically contact dibs and the other "has to" stay away native her? Is that every male for himself? would some guys ago off because their girlfriend expressed interest very first and so they feel choose they're not permitted to go after her? would certainly they only back off if they believed they didn't have a possibility anyway?

If a girl tells a man that she only likes him as a friend, will certainly he accept that? Or will he think he could be able to change her mind and also continue pursuing her by being her friend?

If a girl tells a man that she's not interested in him, will he call his friends about it? will certainly he tell a girlfriend if that knows/suspects that claimed friend likewise likes her? will certainly he tell the if that suspects that the girl is interested in his friend?

If a male tells a friend the he likes a girl, would the friend say for this reason if he likewise likes her?

If a man notices the a girl he's no interested in likes him, will he readjust his behavior towards her? will certainly he start staying clear of her?

I understand there space no universally true answers to this questions, yet some male perspective would be very much appreciated.