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QUESTION:What temperature is twice as warm as 0 degrees?ANSWER:Short answer: A temperature of 273 Celsius (Centigrade) is twice as hot as 0 degrees Celsius. The is a an extremely tricky question and also one that does no lead to basic explanation.Part the the intricacy is that we typically use 2 temperature scales, Fahrenheit and also Celsius (Centigrade). Also, the temperature have the right to be optimistic or an adverse on both temperature scales.Temperature needs to do with exactly how much power there is in the air. Temperature steps the mean molecule motion. That energy of movement is all gone as soon as you gain down to a temperature of -273 Celsius, which is -460 levels Fahrenheit, stated as 460 degrees below zero. This temperature is called “absolute zero”. At pure zero there is no movement of molecules. Over there is no heat.The equipment is to pick a systematic zero suggest for temperature. Scientist come up through a new temperature scale dubbed the Kelvin scale. This range is provided to calculate the temperature, pressure, and also volume that gases.The Kelvin and Celsius scales space the same, however they start at a various point. Kelvin starts at 0 degrees. Celsius starts in ~ -273 degrees. The rule is K = C +273.A cold winter job of 0 Celsius (32 Fahrenheit) is 273 Kelvin. A common body temperature is 98.6 Fahrenheit, and 37 Celsius and also 310 Kelvin. Do you feeling a heat coming on?How did us come up with 273 Celsius as response to the question posed; what is the temperature the is twice as warm as 0 Celsius? If we double 273 K (0 Celsius), we gain 546 degrees Kelvin. That is twice as warmth as 0 levels Celsius. Convert that back to Celsius by subtracting 273 from the Kelvin, and we have actually 273 Celsius.While that may be a clinical answer, that does not fit our daily sense that hot and also cold, and how much apparel we need to wear come stay heat or exactly how dangerous it is to work-related in the heat of the day.So the concern is periodically referred to together a trick question or one that does not have a meaningful answer. Me think it just could be a inquiry posed by scientific research teachers to their students to get them to think around heat, cold, temperature, calories, and also multiplying by 0 !If you are traveling by car in the early on morning hours, say roughly 5 AM, you have the right to pick increase CBC Radio, 990 to be on the dial, native Winnipeg, Canada. Also, CJBK 1290 am from London, Ontario in Canada. Both stations come in loud and also clear, via “skip”. The radio signals bounce turn off the ionosphere situated high in the heavens.Of course, our much more enlightened next-door neighbors to the north have embraced the metric system and the temperature in your weather reports are given in Celsius. The wind is offered in knots, not miles every hour.

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So over there is a neat tiny limerick to aid us americans “decipher” the temperature:30 is hot20 is nice10 is cool,and 0 is ice.