What Sort of Questions Should You Expect in a Personal Statement?

What Kind of Questions Should You Expect?

For most institutions, your academic records are not enough to guarantee your admission into the particular college and ask to write my essays online. You will additionally be required to write a personal statement. As you probably know by now, this is an essay that helps you to offer additional insight into who you are as a person.

In a personal statement, you are expected to describe yourself. This gives the admission committee a chance to evaluate the kind of addition you might become to the school. As such, you can think of it as sort of a written interview.

Personal statements mainly come in two distinct formats. You can an open-ended essay where you provide the information that you personally consider relevant. Usually, such essays are 500 words long. This gives you around 8 paragraphs to tell the committee more about yourself.

You are also as likely to come across a personal statement that provides essay prompts. Generally, these are specific questions from the college that guide you on the information to provide. As you would expect, this is the more popular format for most applicants. It eliminates the mental agony that goes into deciding what should go into your essay.

The following are some of the questions that you are likely to encounter in the latter format.

Your Background

In this section, the committee is looking for more insight into what has led you to this point in life. To put it in other words, this part captures your personal history. You should, therefore, write this section with your formal experience in mind. This also includes what you consider as critical events in your life that molded you into who you currently are.

While this question might appear straightforward, it often misleads applicants into narrating too many life experiences. On the contrary, you should strive to remain relevant and particular of the significant points in life that you wish to share.

Relevant Challenges

This question seeks to know more about any pertinent difficulties that you may have encountered thus far. It, further, entails conveying how you addressed or coped with these challenges. College can sometimes prove to be quite challenging. Hence, the admission committee will seek to know how well you can adapt to the likely problems.

You should, nevertheless, strive to remain as truthful as possible. Moreover, you should only include actual problems that you have faced and how they helped you to grow as a person.


This is usually a two-part question. On the one hand, the committee wants to know how diverse your background is. Most colleges are now looking to be as internationally diverse as possible. Second, they are also looking to assess how tolerant you are of different backgrounds. It means they will look at all the ways you interacted with diverse individuals as well as the outcomes.


This is quite a straightforward question. Basically, the committee wants to honestly know why you chose the specific program in that particular school.

These four questions capture the general questions related to writing a personal statement. Keeping them in mind as you prepare for your next essay.

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