So, you obtained a home tanning bed and you don’t know just how to strength it? First, girlfriend will need to recognize if your bed needs a 120 Volt or a 240 Volt power source. You will have to search the assets user hand-operated or product tag to figure out which form of voltage is required to operation your specific tanning bed model. 

It is suggested by tanning bed manufacturers to keep one bed top top its own individual circuit breaker or lock will most likely trip the breaker causing you various other problems. 

The power sources most likely needed to power your residence tanning bed will be one of the three NEMA 5-15R, NEMA 5-20R, or NEMA 6-20R receptacles. 

120 Volt Bed240 Volt Bed


NEMA 5-15R pen Image

15 Amp Circuit Breaker compelled for a bed with 16 lamps or less. 


NEMA 6-20R pen Image

20 Amp Circuit Breaker forced for a bed with any number of lamps installed.


NEMA 5-20R Image

20 Amp Circuit Breaker required for a bed with more than 16 lamps.

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Tanning beds have so plenty of internal electrical components and are high-quality which way it is a an excellent idea to safeguard your investment. No only have actually you invested in the bed and lamps but depending ~ above the bed type, you might have also invested in one electrician to set up the exactly power source you need for your bed to operation properly and safely.

To store your tanning bed safe throughout unforeseen occasions like lightning strikes, power surges or spikes in power for any reason, take a surging protector native your local hardware store. Us do have actually a surge protector option easily accessible for her NEMA 5-15R power source. The is additionally a great residential usage power strip through rotating outlets, keeping your cords organized. The course, friend can protect your bed conveniently by unplugging it once not in use.

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If you room looking to create a NEMA 5-20R outlet from your standard residence outlet we sell a compact adapter that will do the trick. 

We can carry out a systems for powering your bed using either format dryer outlet. The two family dryer outlets, relying on the period of your home, room NEMA 10-30R, i beg your pardon is one old layout 3-prong dryer outlet. Girlfriend might additionally have a new style 4-prong dryer outlet installed in your home which would provide a NEMA 14-30R, replacing the old-style outlet. 

For the 4-prong NEMA 14-30R outlet you might use our AD1430620 compact adapter to power your bed and also for the 3-prong NEMA 10-30R outlet, you will desire to use our AD1030620 adapter. We also have various other solutions come plug right into an electric variety outlet, welder outlet, and also more. 

We introduce contacting her certified electrician to have actually your circuit breakers or 240 Volt outlets installed. Girlfriend can call us and also use our totally free consultation regimen to number out the best solution for powering a tanning bed in her home. 

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