In our 5 senses unit, the large question we were trying out was: just how do your senses help you experience and understand the world approximately you?

Hands-On jobs for Kids

We had a wide range of hands-on activities and experiments because that each sense. However we additionally realized the each sense might be a week’s precious of tasks all by itself. There space so many more ideas beyond what we were able come fit into one session. I’ve break-up the tasks into multiple articles to make them all much more manageable lengths. Click below for:

Opening group Time

Intro come Theme and the Question: Tell the youngsters you’ll show them an item for simply a moment, climate hide it and ask them to explain what they noticed around it. (We used an orange plastic whistle. It could be exciting to present a very unfamiliar object to have them puzzle that through.) display it very quickly, then hide it and also ask castle what castle saw. Compose down some of what lock noticed. Then talk about what senses we used. Tell them that when we usage our senses to discover something, that’s called making Observations. (write monitoring on the board, then do columns for each the the 5 senses.) Now, pass the item around. Questioning each kid to do an observation. Prompt them to listen to it, smell it, etc. Write down all their new observations. Tell them that we probably don’t really desire to taste it, so they can imagine how it tastes. Allude out the long list of all the monitorings we made and also all the ways we deserve to observe one object to find out more.

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Book: Five Senses through Aliki

Activity: Play a “Guess the Sound” game. Either: or

How do we sense things: allude to the words for our tune (posted ~ above the board). Phone call the kids we need to come up with a gesture for each sense. Ask youngsters what component of the human body we use to look – can they suggest to it? then come up through gestures because that listen, climate taste, touch, smell. Then sing the song. (Note: I’ve written below the simplest gestures to carry out for each.)

Note: I additionally made mini-posters mirroring what body parts we use for every sense. I supplied the images from Here’s the PDF.

Song: Teacher Cym’s five Senses song (Sung come the tune of ‘Bingo’)What room the senses, deserve to you tell? We usage them every day-o:Look, Listen, Taste, Touch, smell – Look, Listen, Taste, Touch, smell – Look, Listen, Taste, Touch, Smell… We’re making use of our five senses…!Include gestures for senses – allude to eyes, climate ears, climate tongue, touch cheeks, then suggest to nose.

Closing Circle

Reprise Song: 5 Senses Song. However then like BINGO, begin dropping native – an initial time with we just allude at eyes instead of speak look, then we say and also do gestures because that listen, taste, touch, smell. On second time, we allude at eyes, then ears, then say and also do gestures for taste, touch, smell, etc….

Book: I hear a Pickle – Isadora (only a part of it – it’s a lengthy book)

Discussion / Game: “Did you understand that not all people have all five senses? the there space some civilization who can’t see? That’s dubbed being blind.” asking the youngsters for concepts for what type of unique things assist people that can’t see. (e.g. Braille, see eye dogs, audio books, etc.) climate say “some world can’t hear. That’s dubbed being deaf. What space some points that assist people that can’t hear” (e.g. Closed captions, sign language, lip reading). Summarize “Humans have invented lots of ways to assist people observe their world.”

Then say “If we room not maybe to use one sense, then we have to rely an ext on the others. Because that example, in the other room, we had the what’s the smell game where you had actually to guess what friend smelled without looking at it; in the feeling box you had to assumption: v what you could feel without seeing it.” then play the “Find and also repeat the sound” game defined in the listening post.

Recommended publications – Overviews

Book collection – Reviews

There are number of different series that each have five books, one on each sense. I watched the “Smelling” publication from each of this series, and will share through you what ns thought about the collection based on the sample.

Key concept for adults / Teachers

How plenty of senses are there? among the an excellent things about teaching and also working with children is that it motivates us as adults to look at points with brand-new perspectives. Together we explain how something works, we obtain a deeper knowledge of it ourselves. And sometimes us learn new things.

I surprised part parents this main by talking around the smell umami. Countless had never heard of it. With various other parents, ns surprised them by sharing the there are much more than 5 senses. There room things which us perceive/are conscious of that we can’t really explain as comes to us through those previously identified 5 senses.

I don’t think I would certainly attempt to explain this to preschool/elementary kids, however for larger kids and for adults, right here are some senses come consider:

Vestibular device – helps us to continue to be balanced, and likewise tells us if we space moving gradually or quickly through space. Although various other senses educate this (like if we’re was standing on ours head, touch sensors in our scalp will help confirm that) this perception is separate from the 5 senses.Proprioception – just how we understand where ours body components are located in an are without having to look at them. (This is important… Think how hard it would certainly be to journey safely if rather of the town hall the road, we had actually to look come make sure our foot was on the gas, and also look at the place of our hand on the steering wheel.) A 3-month-old baby needs to look in ~ his hand as soon as reaching because that something so that his eyesight can aid confirm the location. A five-month-old have the right to reach out and grab without looking at she hand.Senses the our interior bodily systems – the feeling of being hungry or full, itches, and also the must urinate are not defined by the five senses and also instead suggest other means in which we perceive information.

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Learn more in “How plenty of Senses execute We Have?”

Next Generation science Standards (resource for homeschooling parents or teachers). Ns did not discover reference come the 5 senses in the kindergarten through 3rd grade standards. At fourth grade level, there’s 4-LS1-2: “Use a version to define that pets receive different species of info through their senses, process the information in your brain, and respond come the details in different ways. <Assessment Boundary: assessment does not encompass the mechanisms through which the mind stores and recalls details or the instrument of exactly how sensory receptors function.>”

A source from new York list these core content criter for a kindergarten curriculum ~ above the 5 Senses:

Identify and describe the 5 senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touchIdentify the body parts connected with the five sensesProvide straightforward explanations around how the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and also skin workDescribe how the five senses assist people learn about their worldDescribe part ways world take care of your bodiesDescribe some means the five senses help protect human being from harmDescribe the experiences and challenges the someone who is blind or deaf

Homework: The best way for parental to follow up top top these ideas at home is to ask their boy to do observations about things. “Look at this – what do you notice?” “What is that sound?” “Do you odor something?” after they do initial observations, ask much more questions to attract out more thoughtful observations for much more details. Encourage them to usage as many senses as feasible to discover it. “what shade is it? shining blue or dark blue? what else have actually you watched that is the color? is that soft or hard? smooth or rough? perform you choose the means it feels?”

Resources: there’s lots of great activity principles at:

There is a complete free, downloadable curriculum for kindergarten level great on the five senses available at I haven’t yet reviewed it in detail, however it look at great!