Raggedy Ann & Andy dolls

Johnny Gruelle is finest known for creating the world famous rag doll characters, Raggedy Ann and also Andy. If the Raggedys were the indisputable centerpiece the Gruelle"s career, in his heart of hearts, Johnny to be a dyed-in-the-wool freelance artist, that felt most at home at his illustration board, make illustrations and also features for newspapers and magazines.

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Marcella, Johnny Gruelle"s daughter, lugged him an old rag doll one day, and he drew a confront on the worn fabric. Pulling a book off the shelf, that noticed two James Witcomb Riley poems, "The Raggedy Man" and "Little Orphan Annie". Why don"t we call her Raggedy Ann?, he said. Or so the story goes. Gruelle"s household made the initial doll through hand, and also he provided Raggedy Ann life in 1915. She came to be a children"s publication character in 1918, and Gruelle"s publisher P.F. Volland arranged to offer Raggedy Ann dolls together well.

The tie-in between Gruelle"s Raggedy Ann Stories and also the dolls confirmed a an excellent marketing success. Gruelle average one brand-new book a year because that twenty years.

Reprinted many times, the books renew the character because that every generation. In the story kindly Raggedy Ann comes to life when human beings aren"t looking and embarks ~ above adventures through her brave brother Andy. Marcella Gruelle tragically died at age 13, just as Raggedy Ann debuted. However she verified up together a tender remembrance in Marcella: A Raggedy Ann Story (1929).

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Raggedy Ann value and price guide

What"s her Raggedy Ann worth in 2021? here are some recently sold items.

Item Title date Price
Halloween Toy Store display screen Folk Art large 6 Ft Raggedy08/2021$9.99
18 Raggedy Ann Raggedy Andy Mollye10/2021$560.00
Raggedy Ann Raggedy Andy Stuffed Plush Dolls 1960s11/2021$499.99
Raggedy Ann Andy Dolls Knickerbocker10/2021$300.00
C1915 original Raggedy Ann character Doll liquid Heart09/2021$370.99
See every solditems ~ above eBay for more prices11/2021$-.--

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Sara - September 21, 2020
I have actually near mint condition Knickerbocker 1960"s Raggedy Ann #445 and Raggedy Andy #347. Is there any method that you could tell me what they space worth? They are from my childhood and I"m no planning on selling them. Ns was simply wondering if they room worth anything? I arrangement to pass them under to my kid"s part day.
Hi Sara, Knickerbocker made different Raggedy Anns with the years and values differ. Best is to look in ~ this page for part prices: Knickerbocker Raggedy Ann.

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Steve - might 16, 2020
I have a doll that"s tag states 1923 revised.1929. Made by happenings one boutiques Inc. N.Y.what is its worth looks favor raggedy ann
I"m sorry, I have actually no idea...
Rebecca - November 23, 2019