If ns am provided a step diagram, how deserve to I identify which phase will certainly have much more density?

What should I take into consideration to fix these kinds of questions?

Does the answer have to do v the area the each step occupies? Or the more area a step occupies, the much more the density?



The solid phase is more dense than the liquid phase. The line the separates solid and liquids bends right.

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If the solid phase is less dense than the liquid phase, the line the separates solid and also liquids bends left.



Look at the lines on the phase diagram. If you walk to a line and also then boost pressure you relocate to a new phase, the denser phase. Edit: add the below.


Go come the dotted environment-friendly line. Now, go directly up (increase in P). What happened? friend went from solid and also liquid being in equilibrium to just liqui. The liquid is more dense than the solid.


The phase which has actually the higher density is the phase which exists under higher pressure and lower temperature. Thus, in a phase diagram showing pressure as a duty of temperature, look for the phase which lies in the upper left region.

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