3a : indeed —often offered as an intensive truly, she is fair or interjectionally to express astonishment or doubt

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Synonyms because that truly


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these truly dark clusters, if they space real, would betray the universe"s dirty secret: huge piles of mass don"t have to come v lights attached. — Robert Irion, Science, 20 June 2003 By the moment Columbus arrived, truly large empires existed just in Mexico. — Tim Flannery, New York testimonial of Books, 12 June 2003 The streets and also sidewalks of Bedley run truly seemed as lot mine as any person"s, their almost affirming solidity underfoot, bouncing me follow me on mine diurnal way. — Chang-rae Lee, A Gesture Life, 1999 i truly believe they deserve to do it. the truly took pleasure in the concert. This is truly a different situation. A country is no truly autonomous until all of its citizens have the right to vote freely. Is this vote truly representative the the voters" intentions?

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Recent instances on the internet Shoppers search witches, ghosts and severed heads to decorate their houses for Halloween space finding other truly scary this year: empty shelves. — Alex Janin, WSJ, 10 Oct. 2021 Still, the best way to determine your truly fulfilling relationships is to role up her sleeves and take that risk! — Tarot Astrologers, chicagotribune.com, 10 Oct. 2021 no one truly understands the destructive options made by Facebook other than Facebook. — NBC News, 10 Oct. 2021 The American leadership Academy Gilbert north Eagles took on the Arizona College prep Knights Friday in a game of that would certainly truly separate the elite from the want-to-be elite. — The Arizona Republic, 9 Oct. 2021 This feeling of ar is what truly makes the spain Heritage Scholarship fund stand apart from various other scholarship programs. — Daniela Vivas Labrador, orlandosentinel.com, 9 Oct. 2021 but by straight providing low-cost instructional supports to rural schools, Blair stated the Rural institutions Accelerator is a solution that could truly help. — al, 8 Oct. 2021 The dashboard produces deep dark scenes with stunning highlights and also inky blacks that, while perhaps not surpassing, truly rival anything that LG has actually produced. — Mitch Wallace, Forbes, 8 Oct. 2021 Ravens sheathe Lamar Jackson hasn"t truly toasted a defense in a while. — Scott Horner, The Indianapolis Star, 8 Oct. 2021

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