At dawn the next morning, mrs rises. St. John slides a keep in mind under Jane"s door, reminding her to withstand temptation. That is the an initial of June, however the job is chilly and overcast. Jane wanders the house, thinking around the vault night"s visitation: was it a delusion? It appeared to come indigenous her, not from the exterior world. In ~ breakfast, she speak Diana and also Mary she"ll be away at least 4 days. She catches a coach in ~ Whitcross, the same one she road from Thornfield a year earlier.

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Alighting native the coach, Jane find herself again on Rochester"s lands. She is anxious to watch him again and hurries the 2 miles indigenous the coach prevent to the house, worrying the he might be in Europe. Favor a lover who wishes to record a glimpse that his lover"s face without waking her, climate finds she is "stone dead," mrs is appalled through the vision that awaits her: Thornfield is a blackened ruin. What is the story behind this disaster, woman wonders? Jane returns to the inn near the coach station, the Rochester Arms, to uncover an answer. She discovers the Bertha Mason set the home on fire last autumn. Before this happened, Rochester had actually shut himself up favor a hermit in the house, as if he had gone mad. Once the fire broke out, Rochester saved the servants, climate tried to save Bertha, but she jumped indigenous Thornfield"s roof. Rochester has actually lost his sight and one the his hand in the fire. He currently lives in Ferndean with two old servants, John and Mary.


Suspense builds in this chapter, as Jane delays the revelation of Thornfield"s tragic end and also of Rochester"s history. Upon entering the coach in ~ Whitcross, Jane mirrors on the significant changes in her situation since her arrival over there a year earlier. Then she to be "desolate, and hopeless, and objectless"; currently she has friends, hope, and also money. Then she paid every the money she had to ride the coach, currently she has a certain fortune. Arriving in Thornfield, woman notices the difference in between the see here and in Morton (the location she has just left); Thornfield is mild, green, and pastoral, when Morton is stern. Thornfield"s see is as comfortable together a "once acquainted face," who character she knows intimately. Notification the stark contrast between Jane"s comforting, flowering, breathtaking dream that Thornfield and also the truth of the trodden and also wasted grounds; the world"s vision of the upper classes doesn"t constantly capture the surprise passions the boil under the veneer of genteel tranquility. The passions kindling in ~ Thornfield have lastly sparked and also burned the home down; Rochester"s burn bed was simply a prelude. Jane"s psychic powers have been reaffirmed as one more of her dreams has come to be reality.

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The passions that have burned down Rochester"s family members mansion, leaving that "a lonesome wild," are, in Jane"s version of the story, centered in a woman: Bertha Mason. Woman refuses to acknowledge her own part in this tale of too much passion: the innkeeper tries to tell her of Rochester"s irresistible love because that Jane, i m sorry he brand a midlife crisis: "when gentlemen the his period fall in love with girls, they are frequently like as if they space bewitched." however Jane cut him off, questioning him come tell this component of the story at an additional time. As simply a specimen of a typical phenomenon — midlife situation — Jane and Rochester"s love loses several of its romantic force. In addition, jane doesn"t desire to be linked with Thornfield"s disastrous end, for this reason Bertha Mason becomes the scapegoat. Critics have viewed Bertha as the odious price of Rochester"s sexual drive; as Jane"s double, the angry, repressed side of the orphan child; or as a scapegoat damaged to redeem Jane. In setup fire come Thornfield, Bertha starts by torching the hangings in the room beside her own, however then kindles Jane"s old bed. Her anger seems to emphasis on sex-related jealousy of she rival. During her last rebellion, Bertha stands on the roof Thornfield, "waving her arms above the battlements, and also shouting the end till they might hear she a mile off," v her long, dark hair "streaming versus the flames." The fire i do not care a representation of Bertha"s power. She is a strong, large, extravagant, and sensual woman, who contrasts v Jane, explained by the innkeeper together "a little, small thing . . . Virtually like a child."

Rochester must pay because that the transgression of virtually making jane his mistress. Complying with her exit from Thornfield, he becomes "savage" and also "dangerous," however redeems self by saving his servants and even trying to rescue his hated wife; as the innkeeper says, Rochester"s courage and also kindness brought about his injuries. Unlike she depiction of St. John, i m sorry uniformly emphasizes his coldness and also domination, woman peppers her summary of Rochester with examples of his compassion and caring.