Justin Timberlake and also Anna Kendrick to be jet-lagged and also nervous once they walked onstage in ~ the renowned Palais des Festivals throughout Cannes movie Festival in May.

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The duo had flown right into the southern of France without time to completely rehearse your acoustic version of True Colors, the emotionally centerpiece of the animated film Trolls. Thousands of fans to be filming the performance to re-superstructure on society media.

Their soulful True Colors came to be one of the showstopping events from the 2016 festival.

“It was an amazing moment. There to be this relief that us pulled the off," Timberlake recalls. "And I additionally felt like, "Wow, this tune is yes, really going to occupational well." ”

True Colors will have its official theatrical unveiling once Trolls opens up Friday, adding a brand-new stripe to the song’s rainbow 30 year after Cyndi Lauper exit it in 1986. The systematic ballad has shown remarkable continuing to be power, even ending up being an anthem because that the LGBT community.

“Selfishly, I simply love the song, period,” says Timberlake. “But v what this song has involved mean because that the world and also equality, it doesn’t obtain any much better than that.”

Songwriters Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly composed True Colors, along with other large "80s hits Like A Virgin, Eternal fire and for this reason Emotional. "(But) if I had actually to to speak which song was No. 1, it would be True Colors," Steinberg admits.

True Colors ended up being the title track of Lauper"s 2nd album, topping the Billboard Hot 100 and also earning Lauper a Grammy nomination because that female popular music performance.

Review: Sugary "Trolls" will certainly make you sing a happy tune

The evocative text ("I watch your true colors/ Shining through/ I check out your true colors/ and that"s why i love you/ so don"t be afraid to allow them show") guarantee memorable product placement, including a 1988 Kodak film advertisement featuring a boys" choir ("I"ll never forget the commercial," Timberlake says).

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But the deeper article of accept made the song enduringly popular, with Phil Collins, Eva Cassidy and also the actors of Glee all record cover versions. Lauper headlined a True colors tour dedicated to person rights causes and co-founded the True colour Fund, a nonprofit specialized to eradicating LGBT youth homelessness by "creating a human being in i m sorry young world can be your true selves."

“It’s no a song about sex or relationships. It’s simply a tune of empathy and also humanity,” states Steinberg. “There"s a quick list of songs prefer that, and also True Colors is one of those.”

"Trolls" long trip come the large screen is an "ugly cute" story

Trolls manager Mike Mitchell says he wanted the tune for the movie indigenous the faster stages and also played True Colors when the pitched Timberlake on play the the personality is bad troll Branch. In Trolls, Branch expose a softer side as he sings it to Poppy (Kendrick), who has had actually her trust shaken come the core.

"We wanted a funny, weird movie, however we want it to it is in something through true emotionally moments. True Colors worked on so plenty of levels for that," says Mitchell. "There space some songs built to was standing the check of time. And this is one of them."


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