I"m a student and I"ve been getting interested in usmam.org. I really prefer experiments and also was brainstorming of possible things to try out, one of them was separating a homogeneous mixture. I assumed of sugar water and tried feather it increase online but couldn"t uncover anything prefer I wanted. Whatever says to use crystallization however I don"t understand why friend can"t simply boil away water and also be left through sugar like you deserve to with salt water. Anyways, what methods/ways can I separate sugar indigenous water?


If you begin with a known "pure" mixture the sugar and also water, climate what you propose is fine, come an extent, if girlfriend are simply after separating the two ingredients.

Crystallisation is a purification an approach for extracting a solid native solution; the will allow you to different pure solute indigenous the solvent. The remaining solution would certainly still save on computer a tiny amount of liquified material, and hopefully all of your impurities.

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If you wanted to isolate pure solvent native the solution, girlfriend would must use distillation. After collecting the distillate, you would be left with a gummy residue that semi-decomposed sugar (and her impurities).

Sugar is hygroscopic, and also starts decomposing at just over 180°C (~365°F). The difficulty that friend would have with her proposed method is the in order to remove the last remnants of the water, girlfriend will require to warmth well over the boiling allude of water. Google "making caramel" if girlfriend can"t think the what will happen. Also a very small amount of decomposition of her sugar will mean you are left with an impure solid. Ago to square one. The factor that you can simply boil the water off salt is that it is far an ext stable and also can it is in heated safely to much greater temperatures.

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So, there room a couple of ways to different these 2 ingredients, relying on your end goals:

To collect just solute (sugar): warmth over an extremely low warm to evaporate as much water as feasible to provide yourself a saturation solution. Climate crystallise sugar and also filter (in the laboratory you"d wash with a suitable solvent and also dry under vacuum)To collect just the solvent (water): distill end moderate warmth to collect water. To collection as lot as possible, the warm used to cook off the solvent demands to be gradually increased, particularly as you method the final portion.To collection both solute (sugar) and solvent (water): girlfriend would eliminate solid first, climate distil solvent. Unless you are beginning with a saturation solution, you would should do a partial distillation to eliminate some solvent, then crystallise your sugar, then finish the distillation. You"d still be left through a horrible brown gummy residue.

Sounds choose a good home project, though. Simply be sure to have done some an ideal research to enable you to exploit your materials if that doesn"t quite go to plan :-)