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Ulrich von Gradwitz is upset since Georg Zaenym has no respect for the fact that Gradwitz has legal best to the narrow piece of land the is filled with wild game for hunting. Georg proceeds to hunting on Ulrich"s an individual property. This infuriates Ulrich von Gradwitz. He i do not care obsessed with hunting Georg down to...

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Ulrich von Gradwitz is upset due to the fact that Georg Zaenym has actually no respect for the reality that Gradwitz has legal best to the narrow strip of land that is filled through wild video game for hunting. Georg proceeds to hunt on Ulrich"s personal property. This infuriates Ulrich von Gradwitz. He becomes obsessed with searching Georg under to kill him.

On this particular night, Gradwitz gathers a team of his men in order to hunt down Georg:

On this fateful evening, Ulrich gathers a team of foresters come patrol the land looking for Georg. Separated native his men, he hopes to satisfy Georg alone and, as soon as he steps approximately a tree trunk, he it s okay his wish. The two men challenge each other with rifles in hand, yet neither can carry himself to shoot the other.

Gradwitz is worn down of Georg trespassing on his land. That is determined to prevent Georg from searching on his land. Gradwitz is seriously contemplating death Georg. However, once he find himself confront to confront with Georg, Gradwitz hesitates about shooting Georg. Lightening strikes a tree and also pins Georg and Gradwitz, ultimately saving Georg"s life.

Ironically, Gradwitz and Georg have actually time come think about the foolishness of your feud. They decide to end up being friends, at Gradwitz" suggestion. Gradwitz realizes the he is simply as helpless as Georg is. During this time, if both males are pinned, Gradwitz has actually a change of heart. He decides that the feud need to end. While being pinned, Gradwitz feeling hopeless. The sensed that the feud had gone on lengthy enough. Georg agreed with Gradwitz. Together they placed their feud to an end, figures are coming toward them. Thinking this is the rescue team, Georg is relieved. Gradwitz can see more plainly from his angle. It is a pack of wolves coming toward them.