The wheat coin is a one-cent coin the was minted and also issued in the United claims from 1909 to 1958. The obverse side, or side that display screens the main style (also dubbed the heads side of a coin), bears picture of united state President Abraham Lincoln.

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The turning back side depicts a display screen of 2 stalks that wheat, on either next of the writing, thus the surname Wheat Penny. If girlfriend have any kind of of these coins in her possession indigenous the 1950s, you may be interested to understand the 1957 wheat penny values.

The 1957 wheat coin is a really common coin. Like many other wheat pennies, it features a profile view of Abraham Lincoln. The words ‘In God us Trust’ room printed over his head. The word ‘Liberty” shows up on the left-hand side, if the date appears on the right-hand side.

On the reverse side, the two stalks of wheat show up in one arc ~ above either side of the coin, through the words ‘ONE CENT’ in the center, and also ‘UNITED states OF AMERICA’ under that.

The motto the the United claims of America, E. PLURIBUS UNUM, shows up along the height of the reverse side the the wheat penny. This motto is Latin, meaning ‘Out of many, one.’

The wheat penny is do of a mixture of copper, tin, and also zinc, through copper gift the key substance (95%) and also tin and also zinc making up the other 5%.

What is The background Of The Wheat Penny?

The wheat penny was designed by Victor David Brenner. Since it has photo of Abraham Lincoln top top the head’s side, it is additionally sometimes called the Lincoln Cent and also the Lincoln Penny.

All of this names describe the same one-cent coin. The initial U.S. Coin was an initial produced through the United claims mint in 1787. The is officially referred to as the one-cent piece by the U.S Treasury and also is casually referred to as a cent.

From the 1700s till 1908, the one-cent coin that remained in circulation in the united state was recognized as the Indian Head Penny. In 1909 manufacturing of this penny to be stopped, and it was replaced with the wheat penny.

Abraham Lincoln was given the respect of having actually his image shown on this coin in celebration event of the 100th anniversary of his birth. Minting a coin that would be released into general circulation was taken into consideration to be the best means to honor him.

In 1909 two versions of the wheat penny to be released. The initials V.D.B, after the engraver Victor David Brenner, show up in the center at the bottom of the turning back side of the early stage version.

The 2nd version, minted later on in 1909, dropped the V.DB. Initials. However, these initials to be reintroduced and appeared top top the penny coin again in 1918. Yet in these later coins, the engraver’s initials show up on the obverse next of the coin and are no as big.

What Is The value Of A Wheat Penny?


Are any Other Wheat Pennies Valuable?

As we have actually seen above, if the 1957 wheat penny is no of huge value, that is tho worth an ext than the one-cent face value.

In addition to the 1957 wheat pennies that were minted in Philadelphia, there were likewise many numerous these one-cent coins that were produced in Denver. This are recognized as the 1957 D Wheat Penny, and they organize only a very slightly greater value than their Philadelphia counterparts.

However, over there are numerous other wheat pennies that have proved end the year to it is in of substantial value to major coin collectors and also dealers.

Let’s take a look at few of the various other wheat pennies that are recognized to be an ext valuable.

1914 D Wheat Penny

If a penny has actually a ‘D’ under the date, that method that that was minted in Denver. (Pennies that perform not have actually a ‘D’ were minted in Philadelphia).

The 1914 D wheat coin is taken into consideration to be one of the much more valuable wheat pennies since very few were minted in 1914.

In mean condition, one of these pennies is most likely worth around $280, while a 1914 D wheat coin in certified mint condition could bring in as much as $5 500.

1922 D Wheat Penny

Wheat pennies minted in 1922 are additionally quite rare. Together a result, one in average problem would it is in worth around $20, however one of this coins in certified mint condition may fetch close to $5 000.

1926 Wheat Penny

This coin does not have a ‘D’ top top it. The lack of the D suggests that the coin was minted in Philadelphia, and also not Denver.

The worth of the 1926 wheat penny arrays from 35 cent for one in mean condition, to around $3 000 for one in certified mint condition.

The 1925 S Wheat Penny

If a penny has the letter ‘S’ under the date, this is one indication that it was minted in san Francisco. The wheat coin that came out the the mountain Francisco mint in 1925 is worth around $1.50 in typical condition, and also $1 800 in mint condition.

The 1914 S Wheat Penny

This mountain Francisco-minted penny has actually a market value this day of about $28 in median condition and also $1 500 in certified mint condition.

The 1923 Wheat Penny

The 1923 wheat penny does not have a mintmark. It is still precious significantly more than its challenge value, v a value of between 75 cents and $1 000.

What room The Most an useful Pennies?

Apart from the typical wheat pennies, there space a few other pennies the are exceptionally rare, and also therefore room much more valuable. Numerous of this pennies to be minted and intended to it is in released only as collectors’ items. Lock were never ever intended to be exit into basic circulation.

As with many spheres in life, also in coinage, errors can occur. Some of those pennies that were never ever intended because that circulation landed up gift released in error. Those pennies have proved to have a much higher value together a result.

In the early to mid-1940s two such pennies made their appearance.

1944 steel Penny

Very few steel pennies were minted in 1944, and concerning those the were, they never intended to be released into circulation. As such the couple of that were released are incredibly valuable.

A 1944 steel penny in certified mint state condition can having as lot as $100 000 top top auction. Among these in average problem could still be worth more than $70 000.

1943 Copper Penny

The 1943 copper penny has actually a similar history to the 1944 steel penny. Additionally minted in very restricted numbers, this coin, too, was released into circulation erroneously. Because of this those that deserve to be uncovered today are worth a substantial amount that money.

A 1943 copper coin in average problem is valued at around $60 000, if one in certified mint state problem could be worth as lot as $80 000.

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As you can see, while some pennies are an ext valuable 보다 others, 1957 wheat penny worths remain fairly low. This coins were minted in their millions, make them rather common. Together a result, severe coin collectors and also dealers know that they space not in very high demand and also do not organize a very high value.