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Dragonair dose not for sure evovle at level 55That is just the level in which he can evolve it really. Depends on hoe lot he likes you he likes you much more he could evolve sooner or vise versa.

I kno exactly how to gain a lengendary dog an initial you need a golbat that knows typical look he it s okay that move on level 42 or 48 then you require alot the repels and super repels train her golbat come level 49 or 50 then go in a weak grass that have actually pokemons under level 49 use a defeat or super repel if lock waste out use one more one repels room so pokemons under her level can"t get you yet if her level 49 and a lengendary dog thats level 50 with soon show up as soon as he does us average look with golbat and also get the dog in red if you obtain hurt usage a max potion obtain him in red and keep cram ultro balls he;ll soon be caught it might take part time .


Our complete guide come Leaf eco-friendly is take away our with the whoel game, through guidance throughout to aid you complete your Pokedex, accompanied v s..

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