Harry styles is known for his interlocutor fashion choices, and also his uplifting music and also his article of treating people with kindness. However, part fans noticed that this artist says phrases in several various languages.

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Does styles speak French? this is what we know about this former One Direction member, his solo project, and also the languages that he can speak.


Harry styles performs onstage during Citi Concert collection on today Presents Harry formats at Rockefeller Plaza | Kevin Mazur/Getty photos for Citi

Harry formats is the artist behind the songs ‘Watermelon Sugar,’ ‘Sign of the Times,’ and also ‘Adore You’

This artist obtained his begin in the boy band, One Direction. Since the group disbanded, though, layouts struck out together a solo artist, releasing full-length albums and earning millions of Spotify plays in the process.

Since his solo debut, styles earned number of awards and nominations, consisting of the Grammy award for finest Pop Solo Performance. Part fans also praised him because that his activism, even if it is he’s sustaining the black Lives matter movement or waving one LBGTQ flag during his concert.

Some fans additionally noticed the Styles can somewhat speak French, reflecting off his skills during interviews and live performances.

Does Harry styles speak French?

Although this artist is British, that does speak and also understand some French. Even during interviews v One Direction, this artist denote his French skills, as viewed in one video clip released in 2012. However, part fans debate whether or no he’s fluent.

According come G Data Mart, formats “was finding out French because that the last 3 years, and also as of 2021, the is rather fluent in French. In one interview, the revealed that he wants to learn some other languages like Spanish, Italian, and also German.”

Of course, this artist’s major language is English, i beg your pardon is his wanted language to sing in. Over there is the Fine Line track, “Cherry,” though, which contains a segment spoken in French through Styles’ ex-girlfriend Camille Rowe.

What various other languages deserve to Harry styles speak?

Some fans think about the “Watermelon Sugar” singer to be trilingual. In 2013, this artist revealed the he was serious around learning to read and write in Hebrew. That year, styles tweeted, “Looking forward to seder night. Always get a bit nervous as soon as I need to sing ma’nish ta’na. Yet do love a shmorreh matzah. Happy pesach.”

Fans also created video compilations of this artist speaking other languages throughout his concerts. It’s generally words and also phrases like “make some noise” and “we love you.” Now and also then, though, formats showcased his language skills.

“I walk on holiday with my family as 15-year-old civilization do and I make friends v a German boy and his brother, and also we played volleyball every day. So, I just know the numbers, really,” Harry layouts said to a group in Germany, climate listing number in German.

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Fans can capture up with this artist on social media. Music by Styles, including his 2019 album Fine Line, is easily accessible on most significant music streaming platforms favor Spotify and also Apple Music.

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