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I have a 2005 Pontiac cool Prix GXP, 5.3L V8. Ns am feather at instead of the infection fluid yet I to be receiving conflict information concerning what kind of fluid I must use, consistent or synthetic. Some have actually said it comes with fabricated from the factory and others to speak it is not. Is the original factory fluid synthetic? Thanks.

How tall are you? ns am 6"2" and when i sat in a grand Prix GXP, my head to be hitting the ceiling. Go that occur to you?On subject however, i don"t yes, really know. Haha!
They began using Dexron VI, which is a synthetic fluid, in one of two people "06 or "07 mine vehcles. Before that castle were using Dexron IV. When I had actually my "05 GP GXP ns switched over to Dexron VI because it"s a much much better fluid (higher warm resistance, etc).
I would think this details would it is in in your user"s manual. Personal I would stick with whatever you have actually in it unless you are somehow replacing all of it (not simply fluid/filter change). I am not a huge fan of mix fluid types in mine cars, straightforward change just replaces about half the fluid. I do think "06 to be the first year the the Dexron VI, the is what is in mine wife"s "06 Impala.
you see, my caddy cts is an 05 and per the owner manual, calls for dex III. GM has now a DexVI the is much better than the III and now my automobile has the using in it. I"m certain its the dexVI
Thanks folks. I purchased the automobile used through no owner"s manual. I know one more fellow v an 05 and also asked to watch his manual. The purchased his used and also had no hand-operated either. Seems different mechanics said different on the tranny fluid and also a call to my local dealer stated to use Dex VI however didn"t it seems to be ~ to recognize if the was artificial or not. They want something like $9 a quart so i suspected it can be man-made but didn"t get a directly answer native them!!?? tall guy... I"m just 5"9" yet still hit mine head if ns wear anything other than a round cap. I favor the automobile but that was definitely not produced the over average group.

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DEX6 trans fluid was introduced in 2006.Your car came with DEX3 native the factory.DEX6 is compatible with any type of GM auto trans that originally offered DEX3.You just have the right to not use DEX3 in a DEX6 trans.I would just use part DEX3.DEX6 is a tiny pricey,but it is a better fluid.
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