steel Panther guitarist Satchel has available a snarky opinion on Mötley Crüe bassists Nikki Sixx"s cases that he"s one underated bassist.



Steel Panther guitarist Satchel has readily available a an extremely snarky opinion ~ above Mötley Crüe bassists Nikki Sixx’s claims that the doesn’t gain the kudos the deserves together a base player.

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Last week, Sixx was asked through a fan on Twitter that he believed to it is in “The most underrated bass player ever.” come which Sixx just replied, “Me”.

In a new interview through Pennsylvania’s 97.9x, Satchel sweet in on Sixx’s braggadocious claims.

“The most underrated bass player? does that play the base in that band?,” the quipped. “Nikki Sixx, i don’t think anyone really offers a shit how well that plays the bass.

“Listen, anyone loves Mötley Crüe, anyone loves those songs,” that continued. “I give it up because that Crüe — i love ’em; they’re great. However I’ve checked out Mötley Crüe a bunch the times, and they’ve never sounded great live. However nobody provides a shit. He should be glad that they don’t really need to sound an excellent live.

“Vince has never been a good live singer. Who offers a shit? They’ve got an excellent songs.”

Satchel climate delved into his suffer touring v Mötley Crüe with Steel Panther.


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“Listen, us toured v those guys, and I think said two words to me the whole fucking tour,” that revealed. “I love those guys. They have the right to hate united state as much as lock want. We’re gonna keep on fucking rocking.

“Those guys are great,” that added. “And if wants to bag top top us, that’s cool. We’re a great live band. If he wants to come out and also see united state some time and jam through us, he can sit in through us and also I’ll tell him all the right notes come play on the bass.”

The an ext interviews through old absent heads ns listen to, the more I’m persuaded that there needs to it is in a genuine Housewives of Beverly Hills format reality TV show however for guys that play the guitar and also wore lycra in the mid to so late 80s.

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The beef in between Mötley Crüe and Steel Panther was incited following a cheeky quip do my stole Panther drummer Stix Zadinia and singer Michael Starr. Throughout an interview last year, the band were asked i m sorry musician native the past they would like to lug back.

To i beg your pardon Starr jabbed, “I’d bring ago Vince Neil,” v Zadinia responding, “He’s not dead.” Starr pressed on, saying: “I’d bring earlier Vince Neil from back in the day due to the fact that that male is dead.”

After the comments beginning picking increase traction, Sixx took to Twitter to write, “The singer in steal Panther deserve to go fuck himself … wanna-be band putting down Vince Neil?”

Check the end Satchel from steel Panther interviewed with Pennsylvania’s 97.9x: