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Christopher M. Johnson, Professor that Music Education and also Music Therapy, is at this time the Chair the the Music Education and also Music treatment Department and also Director the the Music study Institute at the college of Kansas. Johnson deserve his Ph.D. Native the Florida State University.

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Since his come at The university of Kansas, Johnson has taught process in critical Conducting, Teaching important Music, Managing habits in the Music Environment, Psychology and also Acoustics that Music, and also Research techniques in Music Education and Music Therapy. Johnson offered two terms as the editor the the International journal of Music Education: Research, the study publication the the International society for Music Education. That is currently serving his 2nd term top top the national Association because that Music Educations executive, management Committee that the society for research study in Music Education. He additionally served top top the editorial board of the Journal of research study in Music Education, and one earlier term together the Chair because that the MENC executive Committee the the culture for study in Music Education. Johnson also served together the Chair because that the research study Commission that the International culture for Music Education.

Johnson’s research study interests include applied research in music education, and simple research in all elements of the psychology the music. He has published posts in plenty of journals including the Journal of study in Music Education, the International newspaper of Music Education, the Journal that Music Therapy, Journal of tape Research, Contributions come Music Education, and the Bulletin the the board of directors for study in Music Education, amongst others. Johnson has additionally been an energetic member and contributor come the research study Seminar of the International culture for Music Education and World Alliance for Arts Education.

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Johnson got a university teaching award – the Ned N. Fleming Award because that Excellence in Teaching and also received the recognition for Graduate Teaching accomplishment from the facility for teaching Excellence. Johnson was additionally awarded a lecturing & research study award as a J. Wilhelm Fulbright Scholar and recently obtained the Ella Scoble Opperman Citation for Distinguished achievement from the Florida State college College the Music.