Jax teller Style

From the greatest rating show, every male loves to have actually that appealing biker look. Among the inspiration men desires to follow is Jax novelist from the boy of Anarchy. His top character, solid appeal, angst, and style space worth a follow. Gain your wardrobe all set to be filled v this classic biker pieces.

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Here’s our overview on how to dress favor a true biker.




A blue flannel shirts is commonly seen in Jax Teller. Role your shirt and also leave it to hang loose for a an ext comfortable outfit. This format adds some lure to the wearer particularly if it’s combined with a vest or leather jacket. Perfect it off through a quite pair that jeans and also sneakers.

If you not right into flannels then you can opt for straightforward neutral colored tees. This will provide you the exact same biker appeal.


Though Jax teller prefers a vest, investing in animal leather jackets is not a negative idea. It will surely provide you a classy and solid appeal. That a good substitute if you don’t have the vest.

If you want to have that extra charm you have the right to go for part leather jackets that have some studs and also zips. Stay it through some shirt, pants, and sneakers.


If girlfriend really want to acquire that complete Jax teller style, then acquire yourself a vest. This piece of garments is his trademark. The sharpness that it brings will provide you one edgy look.

Jax teller tries come wear his vest v his flannels, simple tees, and also hoodies. Therefore it’s up to you ~ above which item you desire to wear either of them will look great together anyway.

If no seen through his flannels, Jax novelist is killing it with his casual black or navy hoodies under the California sun. The puts the on with his leather vest or the simply hoodie itself.

Hoodies no so difficult to style with. Friend could always get you available hoodies in her wardrobe and also pair it v your jeans and sneakers. This will offer you a casual finish look.

Skinny jeans aren’t a point for Jax novelist and all of the boy of Anarchy crew. They select to slay loosened straight jeans for castle to feeling comfortable and also move quickly all day.

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The baggy pants can be an excellent but if she not into it then, a pair of straight leg jeans would be a perfect option.

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