Therapeutic, prophylactic, or diagnostic injection (specify problem or drug); subcutaneous or intramuscular

Cost distribution


Cheapest hospitals

Hospital/ProviderProvider typeAvg amount paidAvg quantity requested
StephenSmith(, male)737 S key ST, culture HILL, SC 29593Family Practice$0.00$20.00 (x0)
LeslieRFenn(M.D., female)78 college AVE, SOMERVILLE, MA 02144Psychiatry$0.00$15.00 (x0)
WilliamGRevethis(MD, male)10400 ROBERTS RD, SUITE B, PALOS HILLS, IL 60465Internal Medicine$1.45$10.00 (x6.9)
PickensMoyd(, male)737 S main ST, culture HILL, SC 29593Family Practice$1.54$20.00 (x13.0)
JonathanRThompson(MD, male)1200 MEMORIAL DR, DALTON, GA 30720Emergency Medicine$1.68$45.00 (x26.8)
WillieLWells(MD, male)407 eastern CALHOUN ST, BRUCE, ms 38915Family Practice$1.73$3.00 (x1.7)
CharlesHBehlen(M.D., male)3213 DAUPHIN ST, MOBILE, AL 36606Dermatology$1.76$18.00 (x10.2)
DouglasCTilt(MD, male)1521 11TH AVE S, BIRMINGHAM, AL 35205Internal Medicine$2.02$3.00 (x1.5)
JamesCMetts(MD, male)106 E large ST, SAVANNAH, GA 31401Internal Medicine$2.48$10.00 (x4.0)
PaulaACole(APN, female)107 J. V. MANGUBAT DR, WAYNESBORO, TN 38485Nurse Practitioner$2.51$30.00 (x11.9)
PaulFKetcham(MD, male)202 HWY 80 EAST, DEMOPOLIS, AL 36732Family Practice$2.51$7.00 (x2.8)
JulioCGuillen(M.D., male)3801 general DEGAULLE DR, brand-new ORLEANS, LA 70114Internal Medicine$2.59$5.00 (x1.9)
KristinMFreeman(M.D., female)835 PARKWAY DR, SALYERSVILLE, KY 41465Family Practice$2.64$10.50 (x4.0)
AbdulkaderDahhan(M.D., male)120 professional LN, SUITE 101, HARLAN, KY 40831Internal Medicine$2.68$5.31 (x2.0)
JamesWRogers(D.O., male)4100 S MEDFORD DR, SUITE 208, LUFKIN, TX 75901Family Practice$2.74$5.00 (x1.8)
JayneEGilmore(ARNP, female)1227 E RUSHOLME ST, SUITE 112, DAVENPORT, IA 52803Nurse Practitioner$2.88$12.00 (x4.2)
LindaIParker(M.D., female)311 N ALLEN DR, ALLEN, TX 75013Family Practice$2.95$4.00 (x1.4)
LeonHunt(, male)106 HOSPITAL SQ, BISHOPVILLE, SC 29010General Practice$3.00$20.00 (x6.7)
JamesWGainer(M.D., male)1123 S DAVIS AVE, ELKINS, WV 26241Family Practice$3.07$35.00 (x11.4)
DonaldWRatliff(M.D., male)102 third ST, BELMONT, ms 38827Family Practice$3.10$4.36 (x1.4)
JulianRCantu(M.D., male)600 division AVE., STE.

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C, mountain ANTONIO, TX 78214
Family Practice$3.11$5.00 (x1.6)
StanleyKMorrow(DO, male)34867 HWY 43, HACKLEBURG, AL 35564Family Practice$3.11$20.00 (x6.4)
SeemaKDoshi(M.D., female)333 GORDON DRIVE, YALE, MI 48097Internal Medicine$3.20$5.00 (x1.6)
GeorgeSKouns(DO, male)210 HWY 59 SOUTH, URIAH, AL 36480Family Practice$3.20$5.00 (x1.6)
BarbaraAWright-bruce(FNP, female)737 S. Key STREET, culture HILL, culture HILL, SC 29593Nurse Practitioner$3.26$20.00 (x6.1)
TeodoroADarvin(MD, male)2306 W HWY 66, STROUD, yes sir 74079Family Practice$3.26$5.00 (x1.5)
PaulMSergent(MD, male)701 HOSPITAL RD, COMMERCE, GA 30529Family Practice$3.38$5.00 (x1.5)
KarriORay(PA-C, female)4 0 1 W main ST, ray CLINIC PC, SWAINSBORO, GA 30401Physician Assistant$3.38$5.00 (x1.5)
CarolRMixon(F.N.P., female)1 RIVERSIDE CIR, HAYESVILLE, NC 28904Nurse Practitioner$3.41$5.00 (x1.5)
JamesLRay(MD, male)401 W main ST, SWAINSBORO, GA 30401Family Practice$3.46$5.00 (x1.4)

Average payments by state (low to high)

StateAvg quantity paidAvg lot requested
PR$13.28$24.12 (x1.8)
MS$14.48$36.92 (x2.6)
WV$14.61$36.06 (x2.5)
ID$14.81$33.35 (x2.3)
OK$14.85$35.83 (x2.4)
KY$14.96$34.60 (x2.3)
TN$14.97$37.96 (x2.5)
AR$14.98$38.42 (x2.6)
AL$15.09$28.18 (x1.9)
IA$15.18$41.95 (x2.8)
KS$15.23$37.96 (x2.5)
NE$15.34$39.75 (x2.6)
ZZ$15.41$47.15 (x3.1)
LA$15.46$36.78 (x2.4)
SC$15.60$39.13 (x2.5)
IN$15.77$37.04 (x2.3)
NC$15.89$43.82 (x2.8)
MO$15.91$39.43 (x2.5)
UT$16.00$39.88 (x2.5)
NM$16.02$41.08 (x2.6)
WY$16.17$37.49 (x2.3)
GA$16.22$42.37 (x2.6)
OH$16.33$37.21 (x2.3)
SD$16.39$41.32 (x2.5)
TX$16.42$41.76 (x2.5)
WI$16.48$54.87 (x3.3)
PA$16.61$37.62 (x2.3)
VT$16.70$38.54 (x2.3)
ND$16.70$46.28 (x2.8)
VA$16.81$39.66 (x2.4)
MT$16.84$40.72 (x2.4)
AZ$16.87$40.23 (x2.4)
OR$16.94$53.09 (x3.1)
ME$16.98$42.05 (x2.5)
MI$17.05$38.11 (x2.2)
MN$17.25$53.10 (x3.1)
IL$17.40$44.31 (x2.5)
VI$17.42$42.26 (x2.4)
WA$17.59$46.69 (x2.7)
FL$17.81$40.31 (x2.3)
NH$17.86$49.20 (x2.8)
CO$17.99$45.00 (x2.5)
NV$18.08$46.41 (x2.6)
DE$18.30$36.09 (x2.0)
MA$18.42$54.33 (x3.0)
MD$18.71$37.99 (x2.0)
RI$18.77$41.43 (x2.2)
HI$18.95$36.09 (x1.9)
GU$19.05$33.30 (x1.7)
CT$19.19$53.73 (x2.8)
DC$19.37$42.27 (x2.2)
AK$19.59$54.84 (x2.8)
CA$19.66$42.93 (x2.2)
NY$19.85$46.46 (x2.3)
NJ$20.14$41.46 (x2.1)