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Conditions inside the camp

The novel is claimed to be based on the letters created by Lina, who was sent to a working camp when the 2nd World battle began; the writer offers detailed descriptions about the conditions inside the camp, exactly how the detainees were treated, the food or the punishments they had to suffer. The reader deserve to experience the horrors Lina went v her eyes and also sympathize v her and also the various other prisoners. The problems are defined as being very harsh and many detainees died because of the inhumane conditions inside the camps. The ones that survived stayed with both physics ailments and physiological scars because of the points they had actually to witness if they were prisoners.


Another major theme in the novel is the theme of sacrifice. Time and time, personalities make sacrifices come ensure the wellbeing the their household members or love ones and they carry out not hesitate to placed themselves in peril to ensure that the others are safe. The detainees sacrifice their money and also jewelries to buy because that themselves and also for their families however when they operation out that jewelries they space willing to sacrifice their very own bodies to guarantee the safety of their children. Andrius’ mother in details is known around the camp for sleeping with the NKVD officers but her sacrifice is necessary for she son’s safety. Elena additionally makes sacrifices for she children, offering them their food also if that intended that she grew weaker and also weaker as the time passed by.


Another major theme in the novel is family and how having a close partnership with your family members can conserve a person when the instance becomes though. The Vilkas family in details is the epitome of unity and also harmony and also even though Kostas is not v the household he is never forgotten. Elena and her children try to continue to be united when things get though and also they pass over every hurdle with each other as a family. They try to stick together at all times and also they far better one another. An additional model household is Andrius and his mother who are additionally united and also willing come sacrifice whatever for the other. Their solid connection is what helps them survive until the end and also what provides them want to continue to fight.

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