Silicon dioxide, additionally known as silica, is a compound with the chemical formula SiO2. That is consisted of of one silicon atom and two oxygen atoms. The bulk of it is uncovered in sand.

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In this article, we’ll look in ~ the Lewis framework of silicon dioxide (SiO2), molecule geometry, even if it is it’s polar or non-polar, hybridization, and also bond angle, among other things.

Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) Lewis Structure

The Lewis framework of SiO2 is similar to the Lewis structure of CO2. The only difference is that instead of carbon, silicon is used.

One silicon atom is at the middle, v two oxygen atoms bound to it in a twin bond. There are no lone pairs on the central atom that the SiO2 Lewis period structure,

Let’s take a look at at just how to carry out this step by step.

Step 1: count the total number of valence electrons in SiO2.

The an initial step is to identify how many valence electron SiO2 has. Due to the fact that silicon is in the 14th team of the regular table and oxygen is in the 16th group, silicon has actually a 4 valence electron and also oxygen has 6.

Oxygen’s digital configuration = 1s2 2s2 2p4

Silicon’s digital configuration = 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p2

Hence, No. Of valence electrons in oxygen = 6

No. That valence electron in Silicon = 4

The total variety of valence electrons easily accessible in the Lewis structure of SiO2 is 4 + 2*6 = 16 electrons.

Step 2: uncover the atom v the the very least electronegativity and also position it in the middle.

We’ll look for the the very least electronegative atom between silicon and oxygen and also place it in the facility of the SiO2 Lewis structure.

We learned that silicon is less electronegative than oxygen as electronegativity increases from left to appropriate in the routine table.

So, location silicon in the middle, and also oxygen is same spaced approximately it.

Step 3: utilizing a solitary bond, connect all oxygen atoms to the silicon atom.

We offered two single bonds in the structure because one solitary bond consists of two electrons. It means that the end of a complete of 16 valence electrons, we supplied 4 the them.

Step 4: starting with the outer atom, position the staying valence electrons.

Now, we have an extra 12 valence electrons.

Position the remaining valence electron around the external atom (oxygen) first. We need 12 an ext valence electron to finish the octet, and also oxygen requirements 8 electrons.

However, oxygen already shares 2 electrons via a single bond. As a result, include six more electrons to every oxygen atom.

From the total of 12 continuing to be valence electrons, we have put 6 electrons approximately each oxygen atom.

However, this structure is not yet stable because silicon only has 4 electrons neighboring it and requires four an ext to complete its octet.

Let’s complete it increase in the next step.

Step 5: complete the central atom octet and, if possible, type a covalent bond.

This is the last action in perfect the Lewis diagram because that SiO2. As we all know, silicon needs 8 electrons to finish its octet, but it only has actually 4 electrons appropriate now.

By turning an oxygen atom’s electrons into a covalent bond, we would be may be to achieve the octet of silicon.

We convert two lone pairs of electron from each oxygen atom come a covalent bond, as seen in the SiO2 Lewis dot structure. Together a result, the valence shells the both silicon and also oxygen have actually eight electrons.


SiO2 molecule Geometry and Hybridization

The VSEPR theory have the right to be used to determine the molecule geometry that SiO2. Let’s take it a watch at how to execute it.

To identify the molecular geometry that SiO2, follow this steps.

1. Find out SiO2 hybridization.

What is the ide of SiO2 hybridization? us must an initial determine its hybridization number. We have a formula because that this.

Hybridization Number = variety of atoms attached come the central atom + lone bag on that central atom

Silicon is the central atom. It has actually no lone pair ~ above it yet has two atoms attached come it.

Hybridization number = 2 + 0 = 2

This way hybridization the SiO2 is Sp.

Determine the number of bond pairs and lone bag in the Lewis structure of SiO2.

There are no lone pairs of electrons on the central atom the the Silicon dioxide Lewis structure. There are likewise two bond pairs, one between oxygen and also silicon and also the other in between silicon and oxygen.

As a result, there space no lone pairs and also two link pairs.

According to the VSEPR theory, if a molecule has Sp hybridization and two bond pairs, however no lone pair ~ above the central atom, the molecule’s molecular and electron geometry is linear.


Let me give you a short description the the VSEPR Theory

VSEPR Theory

Sidgwick and Powell’s VSEPR theory offers a basic technique for predicting the type of a covalent molecule. The repulsive interactions in between the valance electrons of the atoms room the basis for this theory.

The shortcut pairs find a place in space to minimization repulsive interactions and also increase the distance in between them due to electron repulsion. Lone pairs are non-bonded valence electrons and also have much more repulsions 보다 bond pairs.

Let’s look in ~ the VSEPR chart and see just how it works.


From the over chart, SiO2 molecule geometry has the share formula AX2.

Since over there is no lone pair ~ above the central atom of the SiO2 Lewis dot diagram, the bond angle is 180 degrees. This way there is no influence on the link angle because there is no repulsion between the lone and also bond pair.

According come VSEPR theory, “The geometry roughly an atom with simply two bonds and no unshared electrons is a directly line,”


Is SiO2 Polar or Non-polar?

Since the network dipole moment is zero, SiO2 is plainly non-polar. The majority of molecules with Sp hybridization and linear molecule geometry are non-polar due to the fact that the dipole moment formed along with the bond is easily canceled.

The Si-O link on both sides of SiO2 is symmetrically arranged, canceling the end the dipole since the very same magnitude is present on both sides.

The components that affect polarity are explained below:


The higher the distinction in electronegativity the atoms, the greater the polarity between those atoms. Silicon has actually an electronegativity of about 1.95, while oxygen has an electronegativity that 3.45.

Electronegativity difference = 3.45 – 1.95 = 1.5

As a result of the difference in electronegativities between silicon and oxygen, the Si-O bond is polar. However, the molecule together a entirety is nonpolar due to its symmetric geometry.

Dipole Moment

In SiO2, the network dipole moment is zero since two dipole moment are formed in opposite directions from silicon come oxygen.

As there is one evenly dispersed charge every over and the setup is likewise symmetrical, dipoles publication each various other out.

Dipole moment = fee on the atom * the distance between them.

Molecular Geometry

We recognize that the molecular form of SiO2 is linear, which is very symmetrical. And that the Lewis framework of Silicon dioxide does no have any kind of lone pairs of electrons.

So there is no shape distortion, make it easy to cancel out the dipole moment developed by the Si-O bond.

As a result of all of these factors, SiO2 is a non-polar molecule.

Silicon Dioxide Uses

Silicon dioxide has actually a selection of applications. A couple of of castle are detailed below.

Silicon dioxide is used as a sedative.It’s used in the pharmaceutical industry.It finds applications in the food sector as a flavor enhancer.It is offered to do powdered ingredients less sticky.It’s provided as an anti-caking agent.It is supplied in the produce of concrete and cement.


SiO2 has actually a network dipole moment of zero. It has a direct electron and also molecular geometry through a bond edge of 180 degrees and also a hybridization the Sp. The Silicon dioxide Lewis structure has a full of 16 valence electrons. In the Lewis dot framework of SiO2, the formal charge is zero.

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