Newton 1st Law that Motion
An thing at rest tends to stay at rest and also a relocating object will continue moving in a directly line v a consistent speed
Newton second Law that MotionAn objected acted ~ above by a force will accelerate in the direction that the force; acceleration = net force split by mass.

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In circular movement the centrifugal force is constantly _______ come the motionperpendicular
The _______ velocity is reached once the pressure of heaviness is well balanced by air resistance.terminal
The size of ___ ____ force depends on the form of an item and the speedair resistance
Newton's 3rd Law of Motionforces always act in = yet opposite pairs
(3rd Law)For every activity there isan equal and opposite reaction
Action Reaction forcesare constantly the same size yet are in oposite directions and act on different objects
When the massive of one thing is considerably larger than the fixed of an additional object, theaction reaction force is no noticeable.
Air and waterexert action reaction pressures with objects such as hands or canoe paddles.
A rocket launches as result of the equal but opposite pressures of theburning fue.

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F=M x A
With what force will a vehicle hit a tree if the automobile has a massive of 3,000 kg and also it's speeding up at a price of 2m/s?F=3,000 x 2 F=6,000 Newtons
A 10 kg round would call for a pressure to advice it under a sink at a price of 3 m/s?F=10 x 3 F= 30 Newtons
What is a falling absent if it hits the ground v a pressure of 147 newtons?M= 147/9 x 8 M=15 kg
What is the acceleration that a soft ball if it has actually a mass of 0.50 kg and hits the catchers glove v a force of 25 newtons?A= 25/0,50 A=50 m/s2
What is the mass of a truck if that is increasing at a price of 5 m/s2 and hits a parked automobile with a force fo 14,000 newtons?M=14,000/5 M=2800 kg
(2nd Law) an object's acceleration decreases as the pressure on that increases.False
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