Exposition (Initial Situation)

The monster Watsons

Kenny and also his household live in Flint, Michigan. They"re known as the monster Watsons because they constantly manage to obtain themselves right into crazy cases like Byron freezing his lips to the car. Quite weird, indeed. We acquire the an important stats on each character: Dad is a jokester, Momma is indigenous the South, Joey is supervisor sensitive, Kenny is a quite kid, and also Byron is a youth delinquent.

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Rising activity (Conflict, Complication)

The last Straw

Watsons isn"t specifically one continuous chain the events; instead, each chapter tells a various story that the weird Watsons. Most of the chapters have actually something to perform with Byron obtaining into trouble and how this affects his connection with Kenny. Byron gets self in deeper and deeper problem until ultimately he provides chemicals come straighten his hair, which is the last straw with Momma and also Dad. This is once they decision to take it him to Birmingham because that the summer to straighten him out.

Climax (Crisis, transforming Point)

The Bomb

The bombing itself is nice climactic, yet in terms of the story, the climax comes once Kenny goes into the church ~ the bombing. He finds a shoe the looks just like hers and also thinks that the structure Pooh has actually her, therefore he runs earlier home scared. This is the minute when Kenny changes—from then on, he won"t it is in the very same kid. He"s obtained some growing up come do.

Falling Action

The Fallout

Back in Flint, everyone is nice shaken up by what happened at the church, however Kenny is having actually the toughest time. He spends a many time hiding the end behind the couch and also he won"t really talk to anyone until Byron figures out whereby he"s been hiding. Byron starts checking up ~ above Kenny and tries to get him come come the end occasionally. One day, Byron renders Kenny pertained to the toilet to watch his an initial chin hair, and also when Kenny sees himself in the mirror, he finally breaks down and also cries around everything the happened. He tells Byron the he"s ashamed of self for not trying come fight the wool Pooh to gain Joey back.

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Resolution (Denouement)

It"ll it is in Okay

Kenny has actually kind the a revelation ideal there in the bathroom with Byron. That realizes the there isn"t magic fairies-type magic, but there is magic in the love a family has for each other—and probably some of that magic is what conserved Joey after ~ all. When Kenny starts thinking around all the love, he starts to believe that he"ll it is in okay, also though sometimes terrible things happen. Rather an outlook.