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I desire to hold a competition where my friend go and collect materials to make a block. In order to make it an ext difficult, I want to do them get it.

Except for command blocks, structure voids and also all various other unobtainable blocks, which block is the hardest block to obtain?

For example: an Emerald ore block is difficult to get, as Emerald ores are rare.



If you think about using glitches, the recently derived Bedrock in Java edition is the most complicated to acquire actually derived block. A viable theory around how to attain spawners, end portal frames and such has actually been developed but nobody has been effective in creating the vital contraption in survive so far.

Netherite block, when requiring quite a little of effort, isn"t actually difficult at all - after you"ve descended to y=8 in the Nether, basic caution against lava and also patience v digging will obtain you the compelled 36 ancient Debris, and also transforming them right into Netherite in ~ that allude is trivial. Compare the quantity of time and effort in a new world, I"d say Mycelium is much more rare and sponges are much more dangerous and challenging to obtain. Also stupid Conduit in 1.16 after ~ the fishing farm nerf gained sufficiently daunting it tops nate in difficulty.

Dragon head, if counting initiative and an obstacle "from begin to finish" would be the top block, however it normally "happens in the process" - that isn"t a goal by itself, that just appears near other, more desirable endgame goals. Another hard-to-obtain block is a creeper head - killing a creeper through explosion that a fee creeper needs plenty of initiative if friend don"t already have a channeling trident.

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The Beacon is most likely most difficult though. First, you need to kill an obscene amount of wither skeletons - on median 54 if you have a Looting 3 sword, or 120 without. This excellent in a Nether Fortress i m sorry is quite challenging. It have the right to be automatic but building a farm by itself is fairly a little of a challenge. Then you should construct a Wither and also kill it. It"s feasible to "cheese" this fight yet it"s most likely more difficult than the Ender Dragon struggle if excellent "legit".