Inthis series of lessons, you will learnuseful spelling rulesinEnglish.This lesson will provide you valuable guidelines so the you know exactly how toproperly spell adverbsyou want to form from adjectives.

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Downloada cost-free worksheet + answer key.As you know, an adjective in English defines anoun. One adverb defines a verb,anadjective, an additional adverb, or even an entire sentence.Most adverbs have actually a unique ending: -ly.You can kind adverbs indigenous someadjectives, but you should be careful of the spelling.Here are some rules to help you.

1. Adding -ly come the end of the adjective

Mark is running quicklyto catch his bus.

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Many adjectives have the right to be transformed right into adverbs. In many cases, we dothis by simply adding -ly come the finish of the adjective.Here room some examples:suddenlybrightlyslowlymysteriouslyreallyinterestinglypolitelykindlygenerouslycalmlynervouslygenerally

2. Adjectives ending in -y

Fred looked hungrilyat his large ice cream cone.
When the adjective you want to make right into an adverb end in -y, you need to changethe y come ani, then add -ly.Here space some usual examples:happilyangrilyclumsilylazilyhastilymessilyreadilystealthilycozily

3.Adjectives that end in -le

Marlene is sitting comfortablyin her favourite chair.
When the adjective ends in -le,remove the eand change it with a y.For example:terriblyincrediblyadorablyacceptablyunderstandablynoticeablyrecognizablypredictablysuitablyremarkably

4. Comparative and superlative adverbs

Dave"s automobile is moving much more slowlythan Ethan"s car.
Finally, as soon as you desire to form a comparativeor a superlative adverb,you should add "more" prior to the adverb to do it comparative, and"most" to make it superlative.For example:Correct: Paul spoke an ext politely 보다 Erica.Incorrect: Paul spoke politelier than Erica.Correct: I observed the many amazingly beautiful movie yesterday!Incorrect:I witnessed the amazingliestbeautiful movie yesterday!Remember the the adverb wellis irregular. That is comparative form is better, and also itssuperlative type is best.Correct: note did better on the test 보다 I did, however Amanda walk the best.Incorrect:Mark did more well on the test than I did, yet Amanda did the many well.


So, let"s review what we have learned around forming adverbs in English:Most adjectives that have the right to be transformed right into adverbs simplyneed -lyadded come the end.If the adjective end in -y, you need to changethe y come i, then add -ly.If the adjective ends in -le, you shouldremove the eand include -y.To kind a compare adverb, add "more" before it. To makeit superlative, add "most." Remember the the adverb "well" isirregular.

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