CHARLOTTE'S WEBCharacters through ChapterEDITOR:Christina Hale
1FernArableAn 8-year-old kid.

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Mrs.ArableFern"s mother.
JohhnArableFern"s father.
AveryArableFern"s older brother.
WilburFern"s tiny, white pig.
2Homer L.ZuckermanFern"s uncle. Owner of the farm.
EdithZuckermanFern"s aunt.
3TheGooseThe goose Wilbur met in ~ the Zuckerman"s farm.
LurvyHomer"s rental man.
TheCowsWilbur"s friends.
TheHorsesWilbur"s friends.
TheCocker SpanielWilbur"s friends.
TheSheepsWilbur"s friends.
4TempletonA rat that stays under Wilbur"s trough.
The OldestSheepAnnoyed in ~ Wilbur.
CharlotteWilbur"s finest friend. A large, grey spider.
6Phoe-beeA white-throated Sparrow indigenous Boston.
PeabodyThe tune Sparrow life in Zuckerman"s farm.
8Dr.DorianFern"s doctor.
14HenryFussyFern"s friend.
17WillPontiac auto owner.
UncleAn enormous pig in the ar Fest.
22JoyCharlotte"s spiderlings.
AraneaCharlotte"s spiderlings.

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NellieCharlotte"s spiderlings.
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