It’s as straightforward as supply and also demand, as straightforward as any kind of other order, and as smart together you deserve to be through your facilities budget. That a co-op purchase agreement, and it’s here to aid your company thrive.

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What is a Co-op?

A Co-op orCooperative to buy Programallows municipalities, state, and also national government agencies to acquisition products and services indigenous suppliers and also service companies without having to go the end to bid through the vendor.

The an easy idea goes choose this: a team of similar organizations (for example, schools) looks approximately at one another and also sees all the money they’re payment for typical (but costly) framework projects. Come take advantage of economic climates of scale–basically, acting with each other to kind one bigger “super buyer”–the organizations have the right to join forces in a co-op to buy agreement.

Advantages of Purchasing v a Co-op

Co-ops negotiate prices with vendors who are eager to offer a large collective the clients. Because they’re more likely to occupational with multiple institutions within a co-op, vendors offer lower pricing v the potential of a higher volume of work. Every organization, therefore, gets the benefit of lower prices top top things prefer lighting, electrical solutions, and also more.

Co-ops stand for amazing avenues for your members, everything industry or ar they occur to occupy. Schools, universities, government organizations, counties, and also municipalities every often type co-op purchase agreements.

They also alleviate the headache that having come go the end to acquire bids because that products and projects. The bid process for municipal organizations have the right to be painstaking, especially if the institution or city is do the efforts to have actually work excellent over the summer and timing is a factor. Through Co-op programs, the bidding procedure is streamlined because pre-approved contract are currently in place. The Co-op handles every the vetting the vendors and also passes this advantage on come the college or agency.

What Co-ops are available to Join?

There are regional co-ops–such together CES (Cooperative educational Services) in new Mexico–and nationwide co-ops–AEPA, BuyBoard, and others. They room all simple to join and use. Part co-ops, such as BuyBoard, invite eligible establishments to authorize an covenant with castle directly. Others, prefer AEPA, will straight you come a regional or certain co-op relying on your location and also industry.


Byron Nelson H.S. Before and also After

LED lamp are much brighter 보다 older technologies, and when offered in exterior spaces (such as roughly this high school in Frisco, Texas) castle banish the night-time darkness, giving everyone a much an ext welcoming and secure environment. Byron Nelson High School supplied an educational co-op to discover the right products, services, and also expertise native

Little Elm ISD Project

Little Elm ISD – was able to carry a turnkey lighting retrofit project to tiny Elm ISD that was particularly tailored to fulfill their gaue won goals and also long ax sustainability initiatives. Leveraging their usual BuyBoard relationship, little Elm ISD and also to be able come execute a contract and complete a lighting retrofit project, thus enabling the conserved operational dollars to it is in redirected back into the classroom

Co-ops and You

Easy, affordable, fast, and also reliable. Working with a co-op really is every one of those things. You and your organization will advantage from the specific same products and services, yielded affordably and quickly. Together a co-op vendor, is proud to aid schools, cities, government agencies, and an ext to obtain the many out of your tight budgets.

When you’re prepared to upgrade her facilities, re-lamp her parking lots, undertake necessary repairs in gymnasiums, or merely make your place safer, brighter, and more cheerful, look because that co-op purchasing agreements you have the right to take benefit of. is here for organizations similar to yours.

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To learn an ext about co-ops and also how they can benefit you, please contact united state here. If you have actually questions about how works with co-ops–and how we can work through you–we’d love to talk more. Please speak to at (512) 615-6615 to obtain started v our skilled teams today.

For certain questions around the BuyBoard or TIPS co-ops, you can likewise contact Daniel McLaughlin in ~ the Dallas branch: (214) 216-6579

For certain questions about the AEPA co-op, girlfriend can call Bernie Erickson at the brand-new Jersey branch: (732) 913-1821