Remington 870 refer vs. Express Magnum. I have an enlarge Remington 870 Express. The barrel shows to shoot "2 3/4 or 3" in t

Remington 870 express vs. Express Magnum. I have an larger Remington 870 Express. The barrel shows to shooting "2 3/4 or 3" in t

Remington 870 refer vs. Refer Magnum. I have an larger Remington 870 Express. The barrel indicates to shoot "2 3/4 or 3" in three inch chambers use 2 3/4" in all others" My inquiry is what is my chamber. It says 870 Express and does not say Magnum but it to be manufactured prior to they started stamping lock "Magnum". Is over there any method to recognize if I have the right to shoot "3 inch" shells in mine gun safely? The gun will chamber a 3 inch shell yet I have actually not fired one the end of it for are afraid of unjury/damage. I gained the gun offered from a man several years back so I have actually none that the orginal paperwork. Any help would it is in appreciated.

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I had a 870 to express mag. It to be chambered to take up to 3 1/2s an excellent for geese. If the not marked it to be made before the magnum revolution. I would call remington and also ask if the chambering is qualified of the use prior to firing it. Castle should be able to tell friend by the serial #

It is plainly marked on the Barrel i m sorry shells may be fired in it. All my pistol barrells tell which you have the right to use if the a 2 3/4 chamber it will say 2 3/4 shells only if if it has a 3" Chanber it will say you deserve to shoot either.

Don"t worry about the "magnum" crap. If it claims 2 3/4 or 3 inch your fine. Simply don"t shooting 3 1/2 customs shells in it uneven it states so. You don"t require them anyway.
If the barrel claims you can shoot 3 inch choose it does, you can. I"m pretty certain that all the 870 express" have actually the 2 3/4 or 3 shooting capability
I have actually a Remington 870 Express ns bought used in 1969. To be shooting 3" shells ever since. The "magnum revolution" predated my gun by numerous years (some model 12 Winchesters were manufactured in 3" and also I think castle stopped manufacturing them in 1964). Yes, your gun will shoot 3" mags okay. Be cautious if it"s full choke (and I"m sure it is) and you"re shooting steel. Go v the lighter, faster loads and nothing bigger than BB shot. The larger barrels had the choking squeezed right into the last tiny bit in ~ the end. Steel shot doesn"t give like lead and also that much pressure every one of a sudden could reason problems. Anyway, you"re wasting her money if girlfriend shoot the hefty magnum lots in steel. They"re also slow and also don"t penetrate worth beans.
Will, girlfriend may get away through it in a SxS or O/U, but its no at all way in castle or Automatics or Pumps and also too slow for a 2nd shot if you need to manually bicycle them.

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Will, it is very dangerous come shoot a 3" shell in a 2 3/4 chamber. The shell will fit in the chamber and also it will certainly go bang as soon as you traction the cause alright... Just think about it though... The longer situation will prolong up right into the barrel beyond the chamber making the barrel smaller sized in diameter at the point. This raises press considerably past what it would be in a 3" chamber. Part guns could just explode with this seriously increased pressure. Nothing damages a an excellent duck hunt much more than gaining your face blown off.
Jim in Mo is right own around not worrying around the magnum crap. You room buying into a BS heat 12 gauge weapons were designed because that 1 1/4 ounce of shooting if you feel you need a bigger gun buy one no a enlarge shell.You room trying to cram 10 pounds of shot out a five pound hole resulting in blown fads and more crippled game. It is around patterning her shotgun.Shooting a shotgun is around pattern not around load as all the shells room balistacally the same.
Now im confused... I have an old 870 express magnum the doesnt specify on the receiver. Is magnum 3.5 inch or is the super mag... Sorry for being a little slow haha
no magnum does not typical 3.5 in or at sight mag. Magnum the self means nothing its simply to do you think it has much more power its because that marketing not covering size since there is 2-3/4" 3" 3.5"magnum shells the just thing that maters is room lenth and also what the barrel states on it. Not the receiver. As far as a 870 walk there every the exact same weather it claims magnum or not its the exact same receiver you have the right to take any 870 put a 3" barrel on it and also shoot 3" shells in it same goes because that the 1100 auto to in 12ga. As far as it speak 2-3/4 or 3" in magnum receivers or 2-3/4" in all various other receivers is because they dont desire to get sued in court if your gun blows up from shooting the wrong size shells in the wrong dimension chambered barrel.the same goes for the 3.5" 870 supervisor mag any kind of 870 barrel will fit on it and also shoot however only the dimension shells significant on the barrel no the recipient