The citywide curfew is currently lifted for Colorado Springs following five nights of relaxed demonstrations.

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Mayor man Suthers announced his decision Monday to allow the curfew to finish in a explain thanking protesters because that sustaining 5 nights there is no violence.

"A incredible amount of credit transaction belongs to our citizens who have engaged in speech and assembly in Colorado Springs in the highest possible traditions of social activity in America. They have actually been vocal and also passionate about their worthy cause, however respectful of their other citizens and public and also private property. My sincere gratitude to leader of the protest who have actually steered those protesting police brutality away from other groups who carry out not share your message and their commitment to nonviolent methods."

He also thanked police for their work due to the fact that Wednesday night.

"I additionally want to thank the Colorado Springs Police Department, i beg your pardon has operated hard come ensure very first Amendment defense of speech and assembly, while likewise providing for the general public health, safety and also welfare."

Suthers signed the stimulate the morning of June 3 adhering to four nights of increased tension in between law enforcement and the demonstrators protesting the fatality of George Floyd. The curfew go from 10 p.m.-5 a.m. And also ended Monday morning.

Describing it as a story of two protests in ~ the time, Suthers said while the daytime demonstrations have been peaceful and gone really well, as soon as the sunlight goes down "the tenor and also I think the composition of the demonstrators changes."

Suthers said the city had accrued tens of thousands in property damages over the first four nights the protests. The nighttime group has likewise been more aggressive towards officers, Suthers said.

"We"ve had rocks, bricks, bottles and firecrackers thrown in ~ police officers, not only endangering them yet those in the crowd.

Suthers emphasize this was a grasp of bad actors and thanked the "vast, large majority" of protesters for remaining tranquil while to express their first Amendment rights.

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Colorado Springs Police cook Niski had warned that the possibility of a curfew

"Not in an effort to avoid protests, but as a way to store our ar safe and also ensure the the peaceful protesters" message is heard loud and clear and also not drowned out by the couple of who only wish to reason disorder in ours city.”

Suthers stated the curfew walk its job -- but warned he would certainly not hesitate to reinstate a curfew were the protests to change the ladder again.

"After 5 days of protests there is no violence, the time to allow the curfew come lapse. However, I will certainly not hesitate to reinstate a curfew if violence and also property damage should reoccur and a curfew is vital to ensure publicly safety. Ns would likewise ask the going forward, groups refrain native attempting come block or impede web traffic as that presents instances that have the right to be very dangerous for protesters and the public making use of our roadways.”

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