Public Notice

Notice is hereby detailed in accordance v 14 CFR 158.24 of the City that Killeen’s intent to impose and use Passenger facility Charges (PFC) from passengers enplaning on air transport flights indigenous Killeen-Fort Hood regional Airport at Robert Gray army Airfield.

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Disadvantaged business Enterprise (DBE) Plan

The City the Killeen, owner that the Killeen - fort Hood regional Airport (GRK), has developed a Disadvantaged service Enterprise (DBE) routine in accordance v regulations the the U.S. Department of transport (DOT), 49 CFR component 26. The City of Killeen department of Aviation has actually received federal financial aid from the department of Transportation, and also as a condition of receiving this assistance, the City that Killeen department of Aviation has actually signed one assurance that it will comply v 49 CFR component 26. (Continue plan statement)

Please submit all comments to Roque A. Aguon, Jr., Airport organization Manager, in ~ raguon

Fly Safe, paris Killeen

Killeen-Fort Hood local Airport is open. Please contact your airline because that updated schedules and information.

To mitigate the spread out of COVID-19, we are

Social distancingMandatory mask mandateEnhanced clean

Go everywhere from Here!

Near or far, company or pleasure, the Killeen-Fort Hood regional Airport (GRK) makes flying easier. KFHRA is centrally located in the love of Texas – surrounding to fort Hood – and also offers direct, non-stop waiting service, v connecting flights with Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston Intercontinental Airports, serving both civilian and also military passengers.

For many of central Texas, the Killeen-Fort Hood regional Airport is conveniently located simply down the road. The plane is easily accessible from IH 14 (Hwy 190), SH 195, and SH 201. Countless four-lane highways also make travel to/from Georgetown, ring Rock, Burnet, Marble Falls, san Saba, Lampasas, Kempner, Gatesville, Salado, Copperas Cove, Harker Heights, Belton, Temple, and Waco fairly simple and also worry-free.

The state-of-the art facility supplies a comfortable setup for travelers that includes restaurants, a gift shop and also car rental agencies. Ground transportation is easily accessible to fort Hood and the surrounding communities as well as numerous lodging and dining infrastructure located just minutes away in Killeen and also the surrounding cities. This modern facility is the first to function glass walled plane boarding bridges in the united States. The bridges aesthetically complement the facility, leaving the passengers through an unobstructed see of the airfield and also a one-of-a-kind experience.

Airlines Information

Passengers have the right to fly to any destination an international from the Killeen-Fort Hood local Airport (KFHRA). Currently, there space two (2) airline carriers servicing KFHRA – American Airlines and also United Airlines. American’s hub is Dallas-Fort worth Airport (DFW) and also United’s hub is Houston (George bush Intercontinental Airport) (IAH).

For residential flights, passengers have to arrive at the airplane one-and-a-half hours (1½) hours prior come their exit time. For worldwide flights, passengers need to arrive at the airport 2 (2) hours prior to exit time.

The airline close your flights because that check-in/boarding 45 minutes prior to the exit time.

Flights closing 45 minute prior to leave time permits TSA to execute passenger screening, screen passenger’s luggage and goods, for sure the airlines satisfy its weight demands for flight, and also for the aircrew to complete pre-boarding documentation.


To make an American Airline reservation, please visit or call 1.800.433.7300.

To inspect on the standing of her baggage, please contact 1.800.535.5225.

All information regarding flying with American Airlines, consisting of COVID-19 requirements, package status, package fees and also information, standing of her flight, produce flight condition notification, traveling with pets, travel restrictions, and travel updates deserve to be uncovered on the American airlines website


To make a united Airline reservation, you re welcome visit or call 1.800.523.3273.

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All information concerning flying with United Airlines, including COVID-19 requirements, package status, package fees and also information, standing of her flight, create flight status notification, traveling through pets, take trip restrictions, and travel updates have the right to be uncovered on the unified Airlines website