Real NameJohn Winston Lennon
NicknameKenny, Dr Winston, O"Boogie, The Reverned Fred, Mel Torment, Beatle, man Ono Lennon
ProfessionSinger, Song-writer, Composer, Activist
Famous RoleHow ns Won the War
Physical Stats & More
Heightin centimeters- 175 cmin meters- 1.75 min Feet Inches- 5’ 9”
Weight (approx.)in Kilograms- 63 kgin Pounds- 139 lbs
Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourBrown
Personal Life
Date the Birth9 October 1940
Age (at the moment of death)40 Years
Cause that deathMurder (Shot down)
Birth PlaceLiverpool, England
Zodiac sign/Sun signLibra
HometownLiverpool, England
SchoolDovedale major SchoolQuarry bank High School
CollegeLiverpool university of Art
Educational QualificationsCollege (Failed)
DebutAlbum - please Please Me (1963)Film - A difficult Day"s Night (1964)TV - no Only... But Also(1965-1966)
FamilyFather- Alfred Lennon
Mother- Julia Stanley
EthnicityIrish and also British
HobbiesPlaying Monoply, Music, acquiring High and also talking.

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Favorite ColorsGreen
Favorite FoodCornflakes
Major Controversies1. John Legend beat increase DJ and friend Bob Wheeler because that poking him and making fun of him and also Brian(Beatle"s Manager), saying that they had an homosexual encounter.2. He has actually admitted to residential violence against his first wife Cynthia.3. When he do the comment the "The Beatles are more popular 보다 Jesus", return the comment walk unnoticed in UK, there to be a large protest in the US and people burned their records and also their to be Ku Klux Klan activity.4. John Lennon was murdered in the archway the his residence "The Dacota", brand-new York City. He to be shot at five times in his back, but Mark David Chapman missed one shot. It is unbelievably shocking how far can Cognitive Dissonance push a person. So far that a clash of thoughts deserve to make someone shoot another person. This is all the went not correct with mark David Chapman, in addition to his frustration because of his very own incompetency to achieve what john Lennon did. He was upset at man Lennon since of his statement, "Beatles are more popular than Jesus". He was also furious due to the fact that John Lennon claimed that he does not believe in Jesus and Beatles. Chapman did not understand the concept of liberation, similar to Holden puzzled the expression "Catcher in the rye"; the book that he to be carrying with himself at the time he shot man Lennon. The character Holden goes all dark after ~ going for ice skating come the Rockefellar Centre. Chapman said, "Who does he think the is, saying this things around God and also heaven and the Beatles?" Chapman to be imprisoned for two decades and denied bail 8 times through psychological aid in the jail. Lennon come dead in the Roosevelte Hospital at 11:15 PM. Lennon had actually autographed a copy of twin Fantasy for his murderer mark David Chapman.
Boys, Affairs and More
Marital StatusStayed married come Yoko Ono it spins death
ChildrenJulian Lennon (Musician)
Sean Lennon (Singer)
Affairs/BoyfriendsAlma Cogan
Husband/SpouseCynthia Powell (m. 1962; div. 1968)
Yoko Ono (m. 1969–80; his death)
Money Factor
Net WorthWas $800 million
HouseTittenhurst ParkKenwood (£20,000)Surrey House
CarsPsychedelic rolfes Royce, rolls Royce, Ferrari


Some Lesser recognized Facts around John Lennon

Did man Lennon Smoke?: YesDid man Legend drink alcohol?: YesAs a teenager, man Lennon obtained crazy about Skiffle music (music made v homemade or improvised instruments).John Lennon was the founder that the tape The Beatles. He was a member the the band The Quarryman when he to be a teenager and the same band turned the end to it is in The Beatles. Their first song the The Beatles was the song “That’ll be the day” native the tape The Quaryman.The factor disbandment that the band was the death of Brian Epstein. He died of a clinical overdose. He was the promoter and the anchor the the band as he took the band to global audience and also solved the disputes of the band. Man was really close come him and left after ~ Paul McCartney took control and became over-empowering.He was named after his grandfather ‘John Jack Lennon’ and also the president ‘Winston Churchill’. For this reason his complete name – ‘John Winston Lennon’His dad was normally away however would send checks for his mother and John. The checks stopped once and his father went AWOL. Once Alfred Lennon came back six months later to take care of the family, John’s mom rejected the idea due to the fact that she was currently pregnant v some various other man’s child.Sister the John’s mother, Mimi take it Lennon’s custody after reporting to the neighborhood social services. His dad tried to take it him far to new Zealand however got chased by Lennon’s wife and also her partner. At the age of 5, John made decision to it is in his father twice however went come his mommy crying as soon as she go away.Lennon was elevated by his maternal aunt and her husband, who didn’t have a child of your own. His mother Julia would certainly visit him often.His aunt supplied to pat the song “Isn’t the a shame” which man learned and also his uncle bought him a mouth-organ and banjo.He always was a bad-mouthed poet and also musician and also in his childhood. That was among those youngsters that the parental ask their youngsters to stay away from. The was raised by five sisters, his mom being the youngest one. He claimed parents are not God due to the fact that he has survived without them.John used to draw comic cartoons the were released in the institution magazine ‘The everyday Howl’.His institution reports, generally, would have actually remarks like “Certainly ~ above the road to failure … hopeless … quite a clown in class … wasting various other pupils’ time.”His mom bought that the an initial guitar and also had it ceded at her own place, rather of Mimi’s since Mimi was no supportive the his musical career because she though he’ll never be able to make a living out of it.Lennon was never good at studies. Failed all his O-level exams and also was permitted admission in university with aid of his aunt and also headmaster. Despite the aid of a student and girl Cynthia Powell, that he married later on, that failed the last exam.Lennon met Paul McCartney throughout the second performance that the tape The Quarryman. Mimi was always insulting Paul for being indigenous a lower class and Paul’s father constantly thought of man as a negative influence. Although he later allowed them to exercise at his place.Initially, john didn’t “exactly” welcome the idea that dressing formally as the tape manager Brian Epstein suggested yet later the said, “I’ll stay a bloody balloon if somebody’s going to salary me.”Although john himself wasn’t an extremely happy through the lyrics and also called them irrelevant and also written simply to produce sound, his band members idolized him and stated, “He was like our own little Elvis… we all looked up to John. He was older and he was really much the leader; he was the quickest wit and the smartest.”During the Royal range Show, in the presence of the Queen and other royalties, man Lennon, gift himself came up through – “For our next song, I’d like to questioning for your help. Because that the civilization in the cheaper seats, clap her hands … and also the rest of you, if you’ll just rattle your jewellery.”He said that his song ‘Help!’ to be him in reality asking for assist as it was his “Fat Elvis” period.Lennon to be close come loosing his feeling of self-identity since of consistent use of LSD. Return his creativity intensified and the Time magazine stated that the song Strawberry fields had “astonishing inventiveness”.John to visit Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s “Transcendental Meditation” camp in Bangor, Wales and then likewise went to his ashram in India. The band manager passed away during the time and they wrote many of the songs for Beatles and Abbey Road while they to be there.John Lennon appeared in a dark comedy How i won the War – the just non-Beatles movie he ever before did.John wanted his wife Cynthia to choose an actress the liked and also when she cut her hair short, he didn’t talk to she for two days!The Beatles developed a production company called Apple Corp for creative freedom but faced troubles due to personal commitments and also lack of organisational skills. The Beatles approached several different managers however only Allen Klein (The previous manager of The rolling Stones) agreed to be their band’s manager yet Paul McCartney never ever signed the contract to rental him.John was furious around Paul’s notice of that leaving the band on releasing his solo album once John had left the band but didn’t do it public due to the fact that there to be still negotiation going on.The movie critic Greil Marcus said, “John’s singing in the critical verse of ‘God’ may be the ideal in all of rock.”Lennon composed the tune “How carry out you sleep?” in answer to his tune “Ram”. Paul agreed the he had directed the lyrics towards Lennon and Ono. John later on said that he just used the instance to write a tune relating it come himself.John Lennon and his wife Ono referred to as their honeymoon Bed-in Peace and provided it for bringing awareness and peace. He composed the song Give peace a Chance during the time. The track was adopted as the anti-war song during the Vietnam War.There were attempts come deport Lennon from san Diago as Nixon assumed that Lennon’s anti-war song can expense him re-election.The us embassy was also started the deportation process for Lennon and also barring his entry because he was discovered to own marijuana in London.Enthralled through his rebellion, he was asked to leave the united state within 60 days.Proving john Lennon right, Nixon was discovered guilty in the Watergate scandal and was asked to resign from the write-up after 14 months.Jon Weiner filed a case against the FBI because that its joining in the deportation of man Lennon. Weiner partially won the instance under the affect of invoice Clinton the report to be released other than 10 pages. The story is told in The us vs man Lennon documentary.John was play the mouth body organ on a bus as soon as the driver heard him and was impressed. That asked man to pertained to the depot and collect an unclaimed harmonica which changed his childhood toy.Lennon knew how to pat mouth-organ, different kinds of guitars and also Piano too.He was always insecure around his voice and asked for editing and enhancing if it cracked or didn’t come the end the way John wanted it.His song “Imagine” was announced by BBC to it is in the ideal lyrical item of art.His frosting is erected in former of the Cavern Club, Liverpool.John’s solo and collaboration work-related won him 25 number one singles on US hot 100 and also a Grammy Award for The Album the the Year for his album Double Fantasy. He was likewise honored v the BRIT Award for Outstanding donation to Music.After his separation v his dad at the age of five, he met that after twenty years at the time as soon as his manager Brian Springsteen died.John’s body to be cremated, no buried.Lennon and also Yoko had actually a psychic on board that was paid as good as their lawyers and also accountants.The first time Lennon had LSD when his dentist slipped it into his coffee.John inquiry Yoko to make a list of every the civilization she has slept with.Fed up through the sort of performances The Beatles did, john said, “Beatles concerts space nothing to do with music any type of more. They’re just bloody defect rites.”John had said that “You have to be a bastard to do it, and that’s a fact. And the Beatles were the greatest bastards ~ above earth.”Lennon began loving to chef in his later years and used come prepare food because that his staff of approximately twelve members.John Lennon nick named his album Rubber Soul as ‘The Pot Album’ and Revolver together ‘Acid Album’.While in college, Lennon punched a guy due to the fact that he inquiry John’s climate lady love Cynthia Powell to dance v him.When Yoko was pregnant, john lied on the bed beside her and held she hand.The most of the moment that Lennon invested with his very first wife Cynthia to be on the weekends, when he would shot to rotate her on to LCD and termed it as “Operation Cynthia”.Lennon described his partnership with Yoko together nascent and stated, “This is different from anything before. This is much more than a hit record. It’s an ext than gold. It’s an ext than anything.”His father used to it is in the mascot for his school’s soccer Team.When Lennon was around to leaving Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Yogi asked him that why is the leaving soon, John replied saying, “Well, if you room so cosmic, friend should understand why”.John turned the guitar into a sort of banjo by taking two strings off the guitar and also then Paul showed him how to pat six-stringer.In the early on days of Beatles’ performances, simply for fun, Lennon offered to song the song in a humorous German, French, or mexico accents.The referee J. Edgar Hoover, in the FBI trials, read all of John’s lyrics and also watched all the videos to find a factor to get rid of him and deport that from the US.The Beatles’ producer as soon as said that Lennon was “a fully impractical man”.

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John to be embarrassed of wearing glasses and would walk on without wearing them also if had to it is in half-blind. Thanks to girlfriend Holly the he asked his aunt to acquire him a pair. The was also found dyslexic later on on.He walk not select acting as a career because it is more binding on a person than being a singer.John and Cynthia’s marital relationship started to autumn apart as soon as he began consuming heavier amounts of LSD.Soon together he acquired his driver’s license, several vehicle dealers parked their cars external Lennon’s home as samples hoping that he would but their brand.Lennon obtained canned in The Sunday institution for calling Scribes and Pharisees in the bible “Fascists.”While he was in his yacht in The Bermuda Triangle, he made it through the 65 mph public storm v 20 feet high waves!The Beatles to be honored with the Most Excellence Order of the British empire by Queen Elizabeth II. However, john Lennon returned the medal speak –  “Your Majesty, i am return my MBE as a protest versus Britain’s joining in the Nigeria-Biafra thing, against our support of America in Vietnam and against ‘Cold Turkey’ slipping down the charts. V love. Man Lennon.”Lennon welcomed of abuse with his first wife and also accepted in an interview through Playboy saying – “I offered to be cruel to my woman, and physically — any woman. I was a hitter. Ns couldn’t express myself and also I hit. I fought men and I fight women. The is why i am constantly on around peace, friend see. The is the many violent human being who go for love and also peace.”Off the Ireland coast, Lennon purchase an island dubbed the Dornish Island whereby he invited Hippies to develop a community. After prospering there for two years, a fire ruined most of their property.Lennon’s psychedelic car was marketed at $2.3 million i beg your pardon he offered away for $230,000 to clear up a taxation bill.He to be the just Beatle who did not revolve vegetarian.John liked sleeping in a coffin that was placed in a cafe.