A chief executive in Seattle made nationwide headlines this week as soon as he slashed his value so the his employees might make at least $70,000 a year.

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That’s means above the commonwealth minimum wage, and it is roughly double the previous incomes of several of his workers, according to a report in the brand-new York Times. But for some families, also that type of paycheck may not be enough to guarantee they won’t be undone by one emergency.

Close to one in three families earning much more than $75,000 a year live paycheck-to-paycheck at the very least some that the time, follow to a survey released Thursday by SunTrust Bank. Much more than one in four families earning an ext than $100,000 a year claimed the same.

The study showed that even households with middle-class earnings can struggle come save. Once it came to retirement savings, 43 percent claimed they’re not saving enough or aren’t sure if castle on track to have actually a huge enough colony egg.

Granted, several of those low saving rates are early out to negative spending habits. Of those who stated they weren’t saving as lot as lock could, 44 percent stated it was since they to be spending too lot money ~ above leisure. For millennials, the jumped up to 71 percent.

The greatest culprits: 68 percent of civilization said they invested too much on going the end to eat, 37 percent claimed they walk too much shopping, and 35 percent stated they overspent top top entertainment.

It can be a authorize that world let their spending thrive at a quicker pace than their paychecks over the years, says Beverly Ladley, one executive through SunTrust. (Think of friends that went out and also bought a brand-new car or moved to a bigger apartment as quickly as they landing a promotion.) “It can sound like a many money,” she says, “but when they really understand what their expenses are, what they have actually left end is not an extremely much.”

The examine didn’t factor in household size or health treatment needs or other factors like student loans that might make it legitimately an overwhelming to live top top $75,000 a year. Wages have actually been almost flat for several years, making that harder to store up with increasing living expenses, health treatment costs and also tuition costs.

Still, many people might be able to save an ext if they could get a much better handle on whereby their money was going, Ladley says. World are also better at saving if they have a specific goal in mind like buying a house, planning a vacation or preparing for a baby, she says.

It’s a great idea to produce buckets in ~ the to save account or to open up multiple accounts so the each goal have the right to be tracked individually, she says. “Once they accomplish one goal, it actually urges them to do more,” she says.

Bigger goals, broken down into smaller steps, have a similar effect, Ladley says. Take the common advice of setup aside part cash come cover emergencies or other unexpected costs — which would eliminate the paycheck-to-paycheck scenario. The reference of conserving six months’ worth of living expenses may it seems ~ unattainable, but an initial save one week’s worth, climate one month’s and also so on, she says.

Consumers should also get in the habit of an increasing their save every time they acquire a rise in pay, Ladley says. Take it a 3 percent raise for example. Raising retirement contributions by one percentage allude would still leaving a 2 percent bump in pay for extra spending — and other to save goals.

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