Harry formats has made a name for himself together a global singing and fashion icon. Fans may wonder, what is the superstar’s blood type?

Harry Styles’ blood type is B positive. His blood type is fairly rare in the joined Kingdom, and may correlate to some of his personality traits.

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Perhaps the following question is: how do human being know harry’s blood type? The very an individual fact has been widely common online through fans.

Directioners Are experienced Blood type Detectives

Although Harry styles has never formally come forward to notice his blood type, his dedicated One Direction fans (called “Directioners”) regulated to uncover the little-known fact. His blood kind is currently plastered all over the web in write-ups like this one.

There is no definitive source confirming harry’s blood type, however the pan seem specific that they room correct. They placed together a One Direction blood type Quizlet speed card workdesk to aid them mental the boys’ blood types.

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What Personality type Is bother Styles?

What Is bother Styles’ daily Routine?

Outsiders to the fandom have questioned this strange blood kind knowledge. One observer Tweeted the the pan “took it also far,” while one more took come Twitter to argue that the blood types could have actually all been made up by a fan. The validity the the blood types has never been confirmed, however Directioners make an oath they room the truth.

The “Directioners” definition on Urban dictionary even characterizes the fans by their too much obsession with understanding everything about the boys. The an interpretation pokes funny at Directioners understanding everything about the five singers, consisting of their blood types and times of birth.

Harry’s Blood form is Rare

Although B positive is not the many rare blood type, that is relatively uncommon. Only 8.0% of British civilization have B optimistic blood. O positive, O negative, and A confident are all much more common 보다 B confident in the U.K.

Although harry’s B positive blood type is statistically much less common, two other One Direction members have actually the same exact blood type! Zayn Malik and also Louis Tomilson are additionally B positive, so possibly their shared blood type explains why the boys instantly clicked and also made great music together.

Harry’s B positive Personality

Many experts have compiled personality traits that are many common among people with details blood types. Interestingly, the B hopeful profile actually fits Harry fairly well.

People with the B blood form are claimed to be “famous for your creativity.” This sounds a lot like Harry, that is rather literally world famous because that his remarkable creative thinking in music and fashion.

Individuals with form B blood are likewise characterized by their unusual tastes and tendency to it is in non-conformists. Bother is known for his unique style the breaks sex boundaries. Probably stemming native his B kind blood, that is bold and not fear to rock a dress or high heels.

Some lucky Patient has actually Harry Styles’ Blood

Harry generously donated blood to help patients with Leukemia. While some fans praised his selflessness, others realized the this means someone the end there has harry blood.

"Harry styles donated blood. That method someone is walking roughly with harry fucking layouts in them there is no knowing" pic.twitter.com/k9sr2lcc

— harry styles (

A tiny strange, however One Direction fans room right. An simple person amongst us might be walking around with harry’s blood within his or she body.

Harry is No Stranger to Bloody Performances

It turns out the Harry has had actually some unusual and bloody occurrences related come his performances. Before his audition for The X Factor, that was very ill and also was sneeze up blood.

Luckily he recovered and also was discharged from the hospital gradually to do the audition that readjusted his whole life.

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Harry also had a disastrously bloody incident while recording his solo album, fine Line, in Los Angeles. That recalls biting turn off the tip of his tongue and “trying come sing with all this blood gushing the end of mine mouth.” happily for fans, bother is tough and managed come persevere v both blood-related problems in order to create his music.