An older and cantankerous neighbor who lives across the street from the Finches. He’s a portly male who whittles, though just to do himself toothpicks. Scout, Jem, and also Dill find Mr. Avery fascinating since in the summers, the puts top top a nightly show of sit on his porch and sneezing—and one night, they captured him urinating an impressive distance turn off of his porch. Enlightenment doesn’t favor him much, however she takes him in ~ his word the it’s written on the Rosetta stone that Maycomb experiences bad weather when children misbehave. Regardless of being cantankerous, he’s among the bravest males who fights the fire in miss out on Maudie’s house.

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The timeline below shows wherein the character Mr. Avery appears in To death a Mockingbird. The fancy dots and also icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.

* miss out on Rachel’s fish pool with Dill the night before he leaves. Castle look for Mr. Avery , who lives across the street native Mrs. Dubose and also whom they when watched urinate...(full context)


Maycomb experience its coldest weather since 1885. Mr. Avery insists that the Rosetta stone indicates the when kids disobey, smoke cigarettes, and fight, the...(full context) it, which the insists is wasting it. Lock walk in miss Maudie’s yard, where Mr. Avery accuses lock of bringing on this poor weather. Scout, understanding that Mr. Avery to know it’s...(full context)
...At first the figure looks like miss out on Stephanie, yet Jem mischievously renders it look prefer Mr. Avery . When he’s satisfied through the shape, he and also Scout covering the mud through snow....(full context)
...the cold, arrives, and the hydrant bursts. Half-dressed men lug Miss Maudie’s furniture out and also Mr. Avery has to climb out a second-story window. As soon as the flames with the 2nd floor, men...(full context)
...that she was most worried around the danger the fire posed to anyone else, specifically Mr. Avery . She notes the she’ll make him a roadway cake when miss out on Stephanie no looking,...(full context)
...and unbecoming, for this reason Jem leader Dill and Scout outside. Castle see miss out on Stephanie talking to Mr. Avery and also Miss Maudie. Miss out on Maudie yells for Jem. Miss out on Stephanie starts asking why the children...

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(full context)
Outside, miss out on Stephanie and Mr. Avery room still talking. Miss Rachel heads toward them as Dill says he’s going come be...(full context)
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