Brake rotor thickness is a critical measurement because that automotive safety. Stop look at some crucial things around the brake rotors, and find answers come the questions:“Which is the best time to check rotor thickness and also how to perform it?”

Important things To Know around Rotor Thickness

Nowadays, brake rotors come with a diluent thickness than before to alleviate weight and also costs. That’s why the rotors gain damaged easily.

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It’s vital to know the minimum thickness because that your vehicle because if the rotor thickness is thinner 보다 the minimum level it deserve to be dangerous come drive. A diluent rotor is lighter in weight and decreased in its capacity to absorb and also dissipate heat. The strength of the rotor is also reduced, top to an ext risks of cracking or no braking.

Whenever you check the brake pads, it’s important to check the rotor thickness as well. If its thickness is listed below the minimum specification and it cannot be resurfaced, climate you needto replace the brake rotorsimmediately.

It is encourage to replace both rotors at the very same time, also if one still works as the difference in rotor thickness can result in the brakes pulling towards one side.

When To check Rotor Thickness?

It is encourage to examine disc brakes and also disc brake linings every 10,000 miles, or much more often if her brakes suddenly begin to squeal or traction to one side, or if your brake pedal flutters as soon as you step on it, or whenever you replace brake pads or before youresurface the rotors.Doing this will make certain that the rotors have enough metal left for for sure braking.

How To measure Rotor Thickness?


If you need to measure the rotor thickness, simply follow the detailed testing procedure in any factory organization manuals. The rotor thickness should be measured making use of a micrometer. The thickness should additionally be gauged before and also after the rotors have actually been turned, to check for ideal thickness or depth specification.

Here is a step-by-step overview on how to measure rotor thickness:

1. Raise the former or behind of the vehicle, depending on the rotors that have to be measured, and secure the auto with the jack stand.


2. Remove the lug nuts and pull the wheel from the vehicle.

3. Eliminate the brake pads.

4. Check the braking surface for cracks and also damage, then extensively clean the braking surface.

5. Measure the brake rotor thickness 0.40 inch (10mm) inside the external circumference that the brake rotor every 45° ( 1 / 8 that a rotation).

6. Compare the smallest value measured to the minimum thickness specifications stamped on the brake rotor. If the rotor is listed below the minimum thickness, the rotor must be replaced. If within specification, measure the parallelism.


7. To measure parallelism, subtract the smallest value measured native the largest amount measured. If the parallelism is greater than 0.0006 customs (0.015mm), use an approved on automobile brake lathe and maker the brake rotor. If ~ machining the brake rotor is below minimum thickness, it should be replaced.

Tip: While measuring, save a street of about 45’ apart and also 10mm indigenous the rotor edge together the yes, really brake pad doesn’t call those edges. Also, because that slotted rotors stay away from measuring the slots, as those will skew the results. Exact same with dimpled/cross-drilled rotors. Save clear of measure up the holes.Have a default mechanic check and measure her rotors come make certain that they room within the safety boundaries indicated by the manufacturer.

Most generally Asked Questions

1. Exactly how Long execute Rotors last On Average?

Several determinants can influence the averagelifespan the brake padsand rotors. Largely it depends on your driving style and your maintenance. In general, brake pads have the right to last indigenous 30,000 mile to 70,000 miles. The lifespan of brake rotors is quite long (as 3 times much longer than pads).

2. Exactly how Much Do new Rotors Cost?

The average expense for brand-new rotors different from $30 to $75 each. If girlfriend prefer better performance rotors, climate it deserve to be from $100+ every each. Prices depend on the type, brand, and also quality.

Some human being often think about if they must buyaftermarket partsor manufacturer ones (OEM). Both aftermarket and also OEM parts have their benefits. Because that example, aftermarket components are typically cheaper and accessible in a wide variety of options, vice versa, OEM parts are easier tochooseand sell a greater assurance of quality as well as come v a warranty.

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3. Can I drive With bad Rotors?

The rotors play an important role in protecting against your vehicle while driving. If they don’t job-related well, you may not have the ability to stop your auto correctly in one emergency case. This can lead to numerous dangerous driving situations such as a vehicle crash because that example. As soon as you an alert that her brakes space not functioning properly, call your mechanic for an investigate immediately.

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