History >>Middle ages for KidsWhen no fighting wars, knights essential to hone your skills. One means to do this was through tournaments and jousting. These events were a great way to store in shape during times the peace.

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Two Knights Jousting through Friedrich young name von Reibisch
TournamentsTournaments were pretend battles in between groups of knights. Once a town or area would have a competition they would certainly invite knights from various other areas. Generally the neighborhood knights fought against the knights from outside the area.The fight took location on a big field. On the job of the tournament a huge crowd would gather come watch. Over there would even be stands constructed where the neighborhood nobles can sit come watch. Both sides would parade previous the spectators shouting war cries and also showing off their armor and coat that arms.The competition would start with every side lining up and also preparing because that the charge. At the sound the a bugle each side would lower their lances and charge. The knights that were still on their steeds after the first charge would turn and also charge again. This "turning" is where the name "tournament" or "tourney" comes from. This would proceed until one side won.As you have the right to imagine, tournaments to be dangerous. The lances offered were blunted so that knights would not be killed, however many were still injured. The best knight from every side was often awarded a prize.
JoustsJousting to be another an extremely popular competition amongst knights during the center Ages. A joust was where 2 knights would certainly charge each various other and try to hit the various other off their steed with a lance. Jousting was the highlight of numerous games and also events. The winners were heroes and often winner prize money.
Two Knights Jousting, one falling by Friedrich martin von Reibisch
The ideal KnightKnights were supposed to behave a details way. This was called the code of Chivalry. The appropriate knight would be humble, loyal, fair, Christian, and have great manners.Code of ChivalryHere are several of the main codes i m sorry Knights tried to live by:To follow the church and also defend it through his lifeTo defend women and also the weakTo serve and defend the kingTo it is in generous and honestTo never lieTo live through honor and for gloryTo assist widows and orphansMany knights took vows that they would preserve the code. Not all knights followed the code, specifically when it pertained to dealing with people of the lower classes.Interesting Facts around Tournaments, Jousts, and the code of ChivalrySometimes a knight or group of knights would certainly stake out a bridge and also refuse to let various other knights pass unless they fought. This was dubbed "pas d"armes".Tournaments and also jousts attractive crowds of human being for entertainment. In countless ways, the knights of the Middle periods were choose the sports stars the today.Tournaments, jousts, and pas d"armes were all part of a number of competitions called "hastiludes".Sometimes the win knights won the losers" horses and also armor. The losers then had to buy castle back. Talented knights could come to be rich this way.The indigenous "chivalry" comes from the Old French native "chevalerie" definition "horseman".Jousting was outlawed in France once King Henry II was killed in a joust compete in 1559.

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